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Alternity is a Role-Playing Game, a fairly generic system of rules to allow play in any era or setting. Star*Drive & Dark•Matter are the main published settings, Gamma World, Tangents, Starcraft are the other official settings.

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News: The system is up!

edit: forum is fixed.
Forum is broken at the moment, I'll look at it in the next few days. There's some enforced PHP updgrades happening on the server soon, so I need to run over the code and fix up any deprecated functions. Not sure it's the cause of the current issue yet.

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News: Alternity Beyond - Update!

AlternityBeyond - v1.4 "The Garage" is now LIVE! Thanks to user feedback, Vehicles are now in Alternity Beyond, where you you can build and Customize them to your hearts content! SUV with a mounted chain-gun on the back? Easy! Ultra-suped up Sports Car with insane handling, acceleration, and speed? No problem! Stealthed-out SkyTank with active camo and deflector shields? You got it! A canoe with Nanofluidic armor and an ablative module? ...uh, sure! Its your game! Add Accessories, Systems, Weapons, and Armor to the full list of Vehicles. Assign Vehicle to Character and/or Campaign. Uses all options and rules from the Player's Handbook and the Gamemaster Guide.

Thank you for using Alternity Beyond!
-Scott "Moloth" Kelley
Alternity Beyond Admin

forum topic here

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Raw Recruits Handout RR-5
Modified Character Sheet version 1.50 Final
Raw Recruits Handour RR-3
Ekimmal Xenoform
Insane Asylum Medical Report Form

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Foundry Robot Design Sheet
Solofire Weapons
A fortress ship
Medical freighter

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Starcraft & Gamma World

Tales of Gama World
Fallout species for Gamma World / Alternity
Mutagenic Retrovirus
Intelligent Plants
Radoo Moor (Swamp Glow)

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Apoc's house Warships Systems
Warships Systems Contest Entries
Colony Template
Alternity Hero Sheet

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TVN News a Star*Drive project

TVN News image Austrin CEO issues formal response to ConcordAustrin Ontis
Austrin CEO issues formal response to Concord

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