Alternity is a Role-Playing Game, a fairly generic system of rules to allow play in any era or setting. Star*Drive & Dark•Matter are the main published settings, Gamma World, Tangents, Starcraft are the other official settings.

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News: new version of Alternity in 2017

Forum topic - new rules, new publisher, Richard Baker still on the team.
Alternity 2017 logo

July 29, 2016 by TerroX discuss (0 posts)

News: Forum bugs

Posting topics on the forum was impossible for a few days, that bug is now fixed. Now get back in that forum! - visit forum now

November 29, 2015 by TerroX discuss (0 posts)

News: New template!

A.Net has a new look. Try it on a small screen.

November 20, 2015 by TerroX discuss (1 posts)

News: Alternity Game Day! 2015

In celebration of Alternity Game Day 2015, pick one of these.
- Get someone interested in alternity.
- Join an online Alternity game.
- Do that Alternity thing that you've been meaning to.

March 03, 2015 by TerroX discuss (0 posts)

News: Download The Future

JSM3050 found a scanned copy of The Future's Edge. It's free, take a look.

January 13, 2015 by TerroX discuss (0 posts)

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Random Dark•Matter resources

Handout RR4 Medical Report
The National Security Agency (USA NSA)
List of all published DarkMatter related items
Psychotech experiments background
Napoleonic Dark Matter

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Random Star*Drive resources

Orion League - Mindwatch detective
Modular Freighter
Kreen- Hunter/ Killer
Light Year Distance Chart for The Verge

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Starcraft & Gamma World

StarCraft Expanded Rules
Gamma World Lives
Fallout species for Gamma World / Alternity
Gamma Squirrels and Mutant Moose
Vengeance-Chapter 1

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Other Resources Latest, Ranked

The Infected
Weapon Reprints
Robot Controller Unit
Passero VSC-327C
The Path of Zath

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Latest random solar system

Artwork from the Gallery

Articles written by users

Weird Planets, Part 2
Aliens, part 2
Future War
Weird Planets
Tomorrow's Medicine

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TVN News a Star*Drive project

Small Activist group files suit

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