Alternity is a Role-Playing Game, a fairly generic system of rules to allow play in any era or setting. Star*Drive & Dark•Matter are the main published settings, Gamma World, Tangents, Starcraft are the other official settings.

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Random Dark•Matter resources

Demonic Investments
Dark Matter sampler pre-release
RR9 Handout
Of Ghosts & Goblins
Born in Secrets By Monte Cook

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Random Star*Drive resources

Just a Few Baubles
StarStation Aurora
Pulse Maser Ship
Cybernetics I
Guardian-series Bodyguard Robot

more Star*Drive

Starcraft & Gamma World

Gamma World Mutant Animals
Tales of Gama World
Mutagenic Retrovirus
The Apocalyptic Post - Volume 1, Issue 2
The Apocalyptic Post - Volume 1, Issue 1

more Starcraft, more Gamma World

Other Resources Latest, Ranked

Dice Probabilities
Cross Profession Perks
WIP: My new Warships Spreadsheet
GalCon Ships vol 1
The Exxcess

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Latest random solar system

Artwork from the Gallery

Articles written by users

Aliens, part 2
Future War
Sticking to the Speed Limit
A Campaign is like a Tree

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TVN News a Star*Drive project

Concord diplomat found dead

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Random Alternity Books


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