Major System

Primary Class F yellow-white main sequence mature

Secondary Class K orange main sequence mature


Prime jovian System

Temperate zone Middle system

2.5 AU Selenian

2.5 AU Eujovian

2.5 AU Terran

3.5 AU Eusubjovian

Frigid zone Middle system

4 AU Eujovian

4.35 AU Asteroid Belt

Prime 3Mj 5 AU Glacian

6.36 AU Transjovian

Frigid zone Outer system

8.87 AU Eujovian

Frigid zone Deep system

12.33 AU Eujovian

Superfrigid zone Deep system

17.13 AU Transjovian

22.87 AU Cryojovian

30.03 AU Cryojovian

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Giant System - Major System - Minor System
Note: Does not list Unusual objects (dust and gas clouds, plus such stellar remnants as planetary nebulae, neutron stars and black holes).

Based on COSMOS-2 booklet - all terminology and explanations are in there.
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