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Alternit-E Character Generator

Founder: Valdier March 15, 2013

A new character generator written in C# with the idea of customizability in mind.

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Founder: vempire February 13, 2001

This has been registered for future A.Net related things.

Officially supported material perhaps.

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Black Book

Founder: Fel_Edge July 31, 2004

An unholy creation, containing various Weapons, Equipment, Perks, Flaws, Mutations, Skills, Races, Factions, Creeps, Artifacts, Space Stations, Starships, Planets, Star Systems, Temporal Anomalies, Cyber Gear, FX, Grid Space, and more to be added and updated. Some of which would be horrified at the continence of this file compilation. You have been warned.

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Founder: d_leonard March 08, 2005

In the future traveling through Hyperspace is accomplished the old fashioned way. On foot or by animal drawn caravans. The thirty free worlds have aligned themselves to travel across the dimension of hyperspace for the goood of all.

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Chaotic Reflections Resources

Founder: Chaos_Cobbler March 29, 2016

These are the resources that I have refined over the last 15-20 years of play; I still think they are far from perfect and could use a great deal of work, especially from an aesthetics standpoint. Any assistance and constructive criticism is welcome.

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Chapter 6 - Space Stations, Outposts, Ground Bases

Founder: therion July 26, 2006

A sourcebook with the goal of rewriting the original chapter 6 of Warships sourcebook, superseding it both in detail and most definetly in a number of pages. Chapter 6 will feature all the rules necesssary to build and maintain space stations, outposts and ground bases, using Warships mechanics.

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Cognitive Dissidents

Founder: JF_Vendetti July 05, 2004

An effort (collaborative to whatever degree people express interest) to create a general-use near-future cyberpunk campaign setting using the Alternity system. Though inspiration will be drawn from an amalgam of traditional cyberpunk sources (the writings of William Gibson, the movie BladeRunner, et cetera) the goal of the final product will be to produce a stand-alone open-ended gaming world that combines the traditional themes and settings in what is hopefully a unique and enjoyable way. Emphasis will probably be on setting and atmosphere over rules modifications and the like, though some new skills, perks, careers, and equipment is likely to be included as well.

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Cosmos Universe Online Generator

Founder: shadmar August 05, 2007

Its in a alpha state but my intention is to generate a universe, star systems, planets, moons using Mark People's Cosmos2
Not sure how to display the data yet (currently just text listing)
Planned Features to add :

- Sector database export csv based.
- Fully travelable website.
- Infinite number of systems since they will generate on-the-fly.
- Suggestions ?

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Darker Days

Founder: d_leonard December 22, 2002

Somewhere on the edge of unreality World War II rages on, but not as we know it.

Darker Days is a Supernatural Apocalypse just waiting to happen. As time wears on more and more super natural energy should leak into this world warping it farther and farther into the fantastic.

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Founder: Priest March 20, 2003

A post-fall dark age Sci-Fi campaign where humanity is second to the Myilo, a race of imperialistic felinoids. But the pattern will not hold forever, the sleeper stirs, humanity awakes.

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Empire Earth

Founder: Zigurdain June 27, 2007

A near-future campaign based on sub light ships in space and a complex political campaign of Earth vs Mars and Jupiter.
Grit and realism play a huge part in the development of this campaign world.
Not for the overly optimistic of the future.

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Founrdy - Robots, Androids and Automatons

Founder: therion July 21, 2006

Foundry: A Guide to Robots, Androids and Automatons is a 50000 word book spanning 60 pages, as massive as it gets. It is the new system for robot creation, usable for all robots - from simple PL5 automatons to ultra-advanced PL8 biological robot heroes.


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FUSION: A Guide To Cybertech

Founder: Kzinwarrior July 21, 2006

Project cancelled.

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FX Sourcebook

Founder: Grey_Knight August 25, 2006

A comprehensive and all-out sourcebook for Arcane and Faith FX, to be used in any Progress Level and any campaign. Aiming for at least 30 total Arcane and Faith FX broad skills with at least 20 specialty skills each.

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gda secret wars

Founder: darkestarx October 24, 2005

sence the early days of the un there has bin a intrest in the paranormal and the mystic arts the inquisition was a atemped to control it hitler studdied it and had a secret group that researched it the ocult is a mystry to most the un formed the gda to study and harnes it for there own use wether it destroys the world in the process. this as a modern day campaign world of conspercies and magick.

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GHOST IN THE SHELL - Total Conversion

Founder: BBoy September 14, 2004

This is a massive conversion of Masamune Shirows cyberpunk graphic novel, movie and TV series.

Projects web-site:

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Going into Business

Founder: Neostrider June 16, 2004

A netbook designed to keep your players money making schemes organized for your convenience without making it too easy on the players. Whole sections on corporations, independant ventures, marketing, and how to keep your players involved in it all.

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Grid Detailing: Tendril

Founder: BasementDweller February 24, 2001

In depth descriptions and/or pictures of Grid Sites of the Tendril Grid.

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Grid Details

Founder: dblade December 02, 2002

This project will try to bring some life to the Grid by providing various write-ups, such as gridsite descriptions, additional rules, and anything else that might help Gamemasters use the grid more effectively.
If interested please contact me at

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Hero Maker (OS X) - Discontinued.

Founder: joe-mama March 29, 2010

Update: Discontinued. My only Apple machine toasted itself.

Character Creator/Manager accompanied by other necessary tools for creating a campaign or game.

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Last Resort E-zine

Founder: dblade April 03, 2003

This project will be the base for an ongoing bimonthly magazine supporting the Alternity system. Hopefully it will fill the void that are beloved Action Check left.
Anyone interested in contributing please write to me at or go to the yahoo group site
Plus you can stop by the forums in the Last Resort E-zine project area right here and drop me a note.

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Magic FX Spells Unbound

Founder: PheonixInd April 13, 2004

This is a small project to provide spells for the fantasy side of Alternity for all the fans. This will be a handbook that can be printed out for players and GM's for ease of casting magic, in particular Arcane and Faith FX.

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Mech Rules Book (Massive Gear)

Founder: el_etico April 10, 2006

A friend and I, are writing a suplemental book of rules, for the Alternity RPG, to introduce Mech Users into the alternity universe. When I'm talking of Mechs, I refear to gigant robot vehicles. We are working on this since the 2004, but we are confident it wold be a great alternity book, we are even talkink to the WoC so we can make the book official, and for free, we almost finish the project of the book, but we like to have additional information, and good mech robot pics, to implement the book. if interested send and e-mail to

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Merrick's Personal Security Report Database

Founder: Grey_Knight September 16, 2001

The goal of this project is to record as many weapons as possible. This involves mostly compiling existing weapons, which probably are more than 100, as well as creating new weapons. Armor will also be included. The project is Star Drive-originated, but anybody can use the weapons here. Beware, we use updated models for weapons, taken by the respective AEG (Dark Matter for PL5, Star*Drive for PL7), if possible.

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Mobile Suit Gundam

Founder: cverlo May 06, 2002

A set of conversion rules and adventures for the
Universal Century storyline of Mobile Suit Gundam.

Principal focus being from the begining of the one
year war (UC 79) up to the end of Operation

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Mysterious Worlds

Founder: coldfus November 02, 2001

This is my new Sci-Fi Campaign setting!

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mystic war:3056

Founder: darkestarx October 24, 2005

mystic war is set in the 3056. the earth at one time had ftl travel capacity but now has lost it do to the great war of 2999. the earth still recoverring from the war is faced with the search for lost outposts and the threat of the uni a scientifickly created war race bent on making humanity a slave race. severial new races and external species are featured in this pl 8 campaign world based on the early days of my 3666:sul of the lost rpg world with a unique rpg macanics this is the alternity rpg counterpart

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Founder: Fel_Edge August 15, 2004

From First Impact, to Third Impact, and after. The World shall not
be the same.

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Night's Dawn Universe

Founder: fenris November 21, 2002

Peter F. Hamilton is one of the greatest sci fi writers I know of, I am tyring to make a campaign setting modeled after his work and I'd love input or suggestions from others out there

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Old Article Scanning

Founder: Jeff_Ibach February 20, 2001

Help us OCR text from old Alternity Dragon Magazine Articles for reprinting in Action Check PDF's for A-Net!

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Founder: thegryphon June 12, 2010

A conversion of Appeals game "Outcast" to the Alternity game system.

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Parradox Black

Founder: StarShadow March 23, 2009

Homebrew campaign setting. Late PL 7/Budding PL 8. Mega Corperations, The Vatican, India, and other major powers.
Darker Space Opera.

++Project cancelled++

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Planets of the Verge

Founder: lordkrath April 11, 2003

Status: About 90% of the way done with Exile, my first system...just need some reviewing and stuff.

I am going to attempt to flesh out more of the Verge planets. I'll use the GRAPH system, the Concord Survey Report, and try to come up with wildlife, native life, and overall usefulness of the system. Help welcome

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Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Founder: oddman May 09, 2001

How about some scifi on earth itself, in the 2200's, 100 years after the bombs fell? To anyone who knows the Fallout crpg by Interplay this will sound very familiar. I have a campaign in this setting, and I think it is a fertile soil for fun rpg-ing.

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Founder: lord_clyde August 25, 2003

Status: Disbanded!

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Project Enigma

Founder: jsenten January 30, 2002

An Alternity Setting set during the Second World War, mostly involving the Resistance and various secret services working against the Third Reich.

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Robotech Conversion

Founder: Cybird77 November 12, 2012

We are attempting to convert the Palladium Books Robotech RPG over to Alternity. We are starting with the New Generation / Shadow Chronicles and may later branch out to the other settings.

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S*D New Campaign Setting

Founder: cobalt_phoenix December 04, 2016

A revised and updated version of the original Star*Drive Campaign Setting. Time frame is in 2516, a decade after the External War. Updates are intended to not only show advancement of the setting, but also to correct some of the flaws of the original S*DCS.

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Sciworld: Legacy

Founder: Karlaen August 10, 2001

A campaign I have been working on, SW:L is a space opera set a few hundred years in the future. There are several sides and factions, with one or two major ones.

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Severra Tehmez, the Third Universe

Founder: sideri_non June 20, 2002

ST:3U is a post-apocalyptic/horror campaign set on Earth in around the 40th century, with a strong supernatural theme. It focuses on psychics and has an abstract/fantasy/slightly supernatural theme.

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Shadows Of Darkness

Founder: ShdwsOfDrknss February 13, 2001

Shadows of Darkness is a home made campaign setting I've been working on for a while. It is based in a post war universe where tensions of factions trying to move into positions of power make everyone and everything paranoid. There are also the hints of several dark threats on the horizon. SoD is mainly a PL7 campaign with the Fraal having access to PL8 tech and a new race that has access to a completely different form of technology. Right now the project is in the relatively early stages.

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Shattered Nations

Founder: sir_stuart January 18, 2002

This is my RPG system that i have been working on since mid 2001. Its a Sci-Fantasy system, I have magic as a major element but have set the story line in a far future post war universe.

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Space Warfare in PL 5.5

Founder: someone_else September 15, 2010

An attempt to make a semi-near-future looking space combat rules.

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Space: Above and Beyond

Founder: SuperSpy February 26, 2003

This is a project based on the 1995 FOX series Space: Above and Beyond. This show was about a group of space marines in a war against a mysterious alien enemy. There are other Space: Above and Beyond role playing games available on the net but I have started this one to be played with Alternity as I feel Alternity is an excellent platform on which to run a Space: Above and Beyond campaign.

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SpaceHulk (WH40K) Conversion to Alternity

Founder: BBoy September 14, 2004

Conversion of Space Hulk Characters, Weapons, Equipment and a little bit of WH40k universe. trying to capture the feel of crawling trough a dark corridor of abandoned Space Hulk crawling with Genestealers, while death is breathing down ya neck. :)
-++ Official Web-site of the project: ++-

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Star Trek The Movie Alternate Timeline

Founder: shadowphayder June 12, 2009

Star Trek campaign setting based on the new movie and its alternate time-line.

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Star*Drive Stellar Ring Netbook

Founder: Oneagle October 03, 2001

Status: In Progress - to join email or drop a note in the GameMaster Forum under our thread. You don't need to be a GM to join.

This is a workgroup effort resulting in a Netbook patterned after the S*D Star Compendium, but for the Stellar Ring! Using actual near star data, and the soon to be published Dragon Alternity aritcle reprints (& tons! of imagination for what is 'missing'), the team will produce the definative Stellar Ring Netbook.

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Star*Drive Verge Interactive Atlas

Founder: BBoy September 14, 2004

I am trying to put all the information about the systems, stars and planets of Verge into a FLASH application. It will be like a star chart, detailing various infomrations about systems and planets.

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StarCraft for Alternity

Founder: Igtenio April 01, 2002

A Project to create a fully functional StarCraft setting for Alternity players.

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Stardrive: 2504

Founder: Oneagle October 22, 2002

The project will be a one-year netbook continuation of the stardrive timeline. It will closely follow the storyline set up in The Externals WOTC release, the Richard Baker interview material from Action Check, and will include material from The Stellar Ring Netbook project (which WILL be finished).


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Starfall E-Zine

Founder: Karlaen August 17, 2001

An alternity-dedicated online "magazine." Includes fiction, ships, new rules, etc.

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Stargate SG-1

Founder: Sphinx October 30, 2002

Stargate SG-1 is a science fiction television series which follows the adventures of a top secret Air Force team, SG-1, as they travel through a portal called the "Stargate." The rules and information that follow have been changed to suit basic Alternity Rules.

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Stargate SG-7

Founder: cchriss September 24, 2001

An Alternity campaign that takes place in the Stargate SG-1 universe. It uses standard rules with a dash of Dark*Matter thown in.

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Starwars for Alternity

Founder: Liberiton September 26, 2013

To create a definitive, unabridge and complete conversion
from the starwars universe to alternity.

*DISCONTINUED* Please feel free to mod the hell outta this cause it never fully worked for me.

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Super Massive Starships and Mobile Stations

Founder: Fel_Edge December 08, 2008

When your "Starship" is large enough to be considered a small
Planet, its time for a new set of rules. Here we endeavor to make
a new breed of Starship of Epic purpose and immense size! Also
this would probably work for space stations of a similar size.

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Talosian Empire

Founder: sirnomad August 19, 2003

An Ancient artifact allowed an ordinary man to become the ruler of Earth and move out to the stars. 500 years later He rules 1000+ worlds with an velvet covered iron fist.

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Tangents Unbound

Founder: d_leonard February 24, 2001

The original intent of Tangents Unbound was to create a series of worlds or settings for the Alternity Game. Currently in the works is the Fantasy World Thalzor.

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The Experiment

Founder: strider1 November 13, 2003

This is an experiment in writing. It will feature a PL9 game in the Star*Drive arena, and we will have votes on what information goes into the book. Email me if you wish to join, but join only if you are willing to write 1-15 pages, and you MUST stay.

Pat Rizer
aka Strider1

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The Experiment

Founder: strider1 November 13, 2003

This is an experiment in writing. It will feature a PL9 game in the Star*Drive arena, and we will have votes on what information goes into the book. Email me if you wish to join, but join only if you are willing to write 1-15 pages, and you MUST stay.

Pat Rizer
aka Strider1

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The External War

Founder: gabrielconnor January 16, 2002

This is basically a collection of adventures that I'm currently running for my players based on the external war and it's impact. I plan to update my session logs into a campaign at some point.

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The Lighthouse: An Alternity MU* RPG

Founder: cyberdoo April 02, 2003

A Multiuser roleplaying game using PennMUSH as the backbone of the system. I've decided to use the Stardrive Campaign setting, and the Lighthouse as a focus of the game.

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The Mecha Builder's Guidebook

Founder: JSM3050 September 12, 2007

Shortly after getting into Alternity, I was quite dismayed when I discovered there were no rules for constructing mecha. With the adoption of "Warships" as the standard for building spaceships, the now-defunct "Starship" rules provided a perfect base to build off of.

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The Orion Frontier Project

Founder: provos May 06, 2001

Star*Drive materials don't cover the territory known as the Orion Frontier - in fact, they barely make mention of it. But we know it exists, and we know it's relatively close to the Verge. This project presents a possible adventure/campaign setting by populating this area with people, aliens, cultures, ships, stations, systems, and anything else that can be thought of!

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The Secret that is Space

Founder: Nick June 30, 2001

A campaign setting that takes place just before space is completly open to everyone. Since the drastic downfall of central government caused NASA and other such projects to have nearly no funding the large corporations now control what little space there is.
Since there is no NASA or government space travel the last frontier is opened to the typical corporate cover ups and conspiracies.

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The Sin War

Founder: Neostrider March 22, 2005

A Dark Matter campaign book that is being fan made. Its the External\'s handbook of DM almost, in regards to a starting plot and timeline of events the players can participate in. A lot of effort if going to go into this, and I want to bring the Strangers into more of the conspiracy workings, after all most have been here for hundreds of years. A lot of snooping work, A lot of props, and a handful of ways to cover it all up. The Goverment Denies everything.

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The Star*Drive Glossary

Founder: Beryllium July 10, 2004

This resource is a collection of all the people, places, things and events in the Star*Drive universe, organized for quick and easy reference.

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Unreal Tournament

Founder: Tilaurin November 27, 2001

Conversion of UT weaponry/items & general theme

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