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Free sourcebook

Warships (2.5 meg PDF) archived information url
In the long-awaited Warships, game designer and Alternity co-author Rich Baker, offers you a complete 77,000-word (112 page) sourcebook FREE for download as a PDF file. Highlights of this core book include ship construction guidelines, combat rules, hit location diagrams, and more.

Alternity Fast-play

Player Gamemaster
Start Playing Alternity RIGHT NOW, for FREE!. All you need to start playing Alternity is included in two PDF documents (Gamemaster and Player). You will be introduced to the rules system and go on a cool adventure in space.

Dark•Matter Fast-play

Player and GM
Ever wanted to play-test the Dark•Matter campaign? Here's your chance! You should not play this setting if you have a heart condition, are easily freaked out, fear the unknown or are paranoid. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Dark•Matter Fast-play info packs

Player Gamemaster
The player pack introduces some new skills and features of Dark•Matter as well as career examples. The gamemaster pack has both player and gamemaster info, this just helps to explain the concepts with examples.

The Future's Edge Fast-play

Fast Play (old)
This is the original Fast-Play booklet, the rules are not the same as Alternity but it is worth a look.

Last Resort E-Zine

Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4, Issue 5, Issue 6 Last Resort e-zine is the magazine for all things Alternity! Issue 7 is being released in 2015.

Project: Stone Jambalaya E-Zine

Issue 1, Issue 2 Gamma World for various editions.

Action Check E-Zine

Action Check is a monthly on-line PDF Magazine dedicated to the Alternity Roleplaying game and its campaign settings (Star*Drive, Dark*Matter, Gamma World, StarCraft, Tangents). Each issue we present a host of gaming articles geared to helping folks in their games with Supporting Cast, adventure hooks, new tech, creatures, and more!

The Apocalyptic Post E-Zine

Winter/Spring 2002, Summer 2001, Winter 2001, Early Fall 2000, Inaugural The Apocalyptic Post supports all five editions of the Gamma World roleplaying game. To the extent that they overlap with one or more of the various Gamma World editions, this publication also supports other roleplaying systems and settings. url

Unofficial Sourcebooks

Foundry: A Guide to Robots, Androids and Automatons is an alternative robot creation system, with the goal of completely superseding Dataware on robot creation rules. Grid, programs and AIs are not covered.
Cosmos (Galaxy construction) totally replaces the Campaign Architecture chapter of the GMG. It attempts to make the sweeping discoveries in astronomy, made over the last decade, useful to the SF gamer; presenting new possibilities and a step-by-step guide to creating your own corner of the Universe.

Character Managers

SQuAT developed since 2006; manage your Alternity characters and expand your campaigns with new races, attributes, skills, perks, flaws, psionics, cyberware, achievements and equipment. forum url
Alternity Character Manager completed in 2004; for windows 95/98/NT/2000 program for creating and maintaining your hero/supporting cast sheets for use in Alternity. Options to save, save as HTML, save as XML and print. Also with a handy GM summary sheet. ACM can screen out any sources you do not wish to use, i.e. Dark Matter Skills and also create your own stuff.

Character Sheets

Character Sheet The character sheet as found in the Players Handbook. (coloured!)
Editable Character Sheet As above, colour and interactive with Adobe Acrobat Viewer
Gamma World Character Sheet Gamma World character record sheet.
Shadow Record Sheet The shadow character record from the Dataware Alternity book.
Robot Record Sheet The robot player character record sheet from the Dataware Alternity book.
Action check record sheet This form helps you keep track of when each character gets to act in a given round. As each player rolls his or her action check, just mark off the phase(s) he or she gets to act in. url
Ammunition tracking form Feel the need to keep track of how much ammunition your players' heroes have been wasting? Try this form. Pick the weapon space appropriate to a clip's ammo capactity (cross out excess boxes, if any), and mark off a box each time the character takes a shot. (Or more, for automatic or burst-fire weapons.) url
Supporting character form Based on the "ALTERNITY® Extras Form" found in the Campaign Kit, this form presents the necessary information for a single member of the Supporting Cast. May also be useful as a one-page character sheet for a beginning player's hero.

Guest Chat Logs

Jim Butler - Febrary 2, 2001 Scheduled chat with Jim Butler, Director of RPG Licensing at WotC.
JD Wiker - March 3, 2006 JD Wiker was kind enough to join us on the Alternity Game Day and answer our questions.
Jim Butler - April 1, 2006 Jim Butler (brand manager while Alternity was in print) answers a collection of questions gathered from the Alternity community.
Richard Baker - March 3rd, 2007 Richard Baker, one of Alternity's main authors, attends Game Day chat 2007 to answer questions.
Steven Schend - March 3rd, 2008 Steven Schend, attends Game Day chat 2007 to answer questions. Author, Lead Designer and Editor for companies such as TSR, Wizards of the Coast, Bastion Press, and Green Ronin. He made solid contributions to the major Alternity campaign settings - Star*Drive and Dark•Matter.

Event Horizon game logs

1 2 3 Event Horizon was being played in #alternity.gameroom on url


Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer to read PDF files on almost any Operating System.
SumatraPDF Free for Windows wont slow your computer down as much as Adobe Acrobat does.
Open Office is a free word editor (and more), arguably better than Microsoft Word.


Alternity Font This is the TrueType Font used on the cover of the Alternity PHB, GMG etc - courtesy of David Webb AKA roguemorgan
Visualise The Verge applet Star*Drive Verge in rotating 3D, join up jump paths & see the distance between them in lightyears. Requires Java plugin. © Graham Wills 2004 & thanks to Neil Spicer

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