Frequently Asked Questions

What is AlternityRPG.Net?

It is an Alternity website, supplying Alternity fans with new material for their games and tools to chat, message, read articles, post news, upload and generally bring the whole Alternity community together!

So... What is Alternity?

It is a SCI-FI Roleplaying game system with a core ruleset that can be used for any situation in any setting - you had better read this (http://AlternityRPG.Net/alternity.php)

Ok... What is Roleplaying?

Well! I think you might be in the wrong place, or on the road to something new and darn fun! Better read this first (http://AlternityRPG.Net/roleplaying.php)

Is there a Forum, News, Downloads, Live-Chat etc..?

Yup, we got it all! Examine the menu on the left after you login, everything is right there. If there is something you feel A.Net should have, email us ("contacts" on the left or message to vempire)

I do not like the grey colours!

Well, login and change them! You can change all the colours around to your liking so you can match your desired look.

Do I need to login?

Only if you want to reply to discussions, upload resources, comment on resources or post community news. Also if you have logged when you click the IRC chat link it will automatically set your chat name as your A.Net username. If you wish to use the "Forum" you will need to signup in the forum as well, it is a separate system to the main A.Net site and has it's own functions (http://AlternityRPG.Net/onlineforums/)

How do I login?

Look at the menu on the left and scroll down to the "login" box, enter your username and password and click the login button, or click signup if you haven't done so yet (Signup) - Do not use spaces in your username.

I Cannot Login or Signup!

WebTV users and some other simple browsers cannot store login to A.Net, there isn't much we can do about that sorry..

How do I stop all these "New Resource" emails?

Login and click "Edit Profile" in the "User Menu" box, then untick the "Receive mail" box and hit the "apply changes" button (http://AlternityRPG.Net/profile.php)

How do I Post News?

You can post "Community News", login and scroll down to the "Community" box and click "Post News", people will also reply to your news by clicking "discuss" on the bottom right of your news post, so check there if you expected some responses. If you wish to post news in the "General" section or post "Articles" you may request the authority to do so from A.Net staff.

How do I upload something?

WE LOVE NEW UPLOADS!, everyone is allowed to submit new material to A.Net, be sure to read the "Resource HOWTO" first (http://AlternityRPG.Net/resource_HOWTO.php), HTML submissions need to follow a cohesive style or A.Net will start to look like a mess, once you have read it and downloaded the templates you can edit them and upload. For other file formats (pdf/doc/rtf/txt), you only have to submit. You must login, then click "Submit Material" in the resources box.

Whoa! submitting is too complex!

It's not THAT hard, just grab the HTML template you want, fill in the info and upload it as a ZIP file. You will get the hang of it in no time, or ask someone who has already uploaded if you have run into some problems. Or use other allowed file formats..

Ok, I uploaded a resource but I want to change it..

Login to A.Net and go to your resource information, click "..Update..", click browse to select the new file and alter any required info - finally click "Add Submission".

How do I rate someones submission?

Login, click "Comments" while you view the resources, scroll down and enter a rating out of 100 (put a dash "-" to comment only), add a comment and click the "Add Comment" button.

How do I know if someone has replied to my discussion forum posts ?

Click "View Profile" in the "User Menu" on the left and look at the dates, this shows when the latest reply was.

How do I.... ??

Uh Oh! got a question that you cannot solve? email us, we might have to put it in the FAQ to save the next person

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