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Dark Matter Investigative Journal


Investigative Journal sheet by TerroX (printer friendly)

February 7, 2001

From: Dale Thurber (AKA Jethro Milton, I Investigative Division, )
To: All Agents
Re: Investigative Journal

Dear Agents:

The Investigative Journal can be very useful to both the player and Game Master. First, it helps Agents keep track of adventure developments.

Second, it provides a place for players to note important things such as Last Resort Points (and how they were used), actions taken that the player thinks merit Achievement Points, role playing notes, and the outcome of dramatically tense skill checks.

This form can serve as what heroes "turn in" to their superior officers as an Investigative report. Game masters can award APs based on how well notes were taken (reflecting award within the Hoffmann Institute for good work.) Nakami watches us all closely…

It can also provide, for heroes, a log of what happened during an adventure, useful for piecing information together from ongoing conspiratorial threads. Or, it allows players to nostalgically reflect upon their hero's exploits.

I hope it sees good use in your campaign.

Enjoy, and happy gaming!

HI Archives Division, Department of Antiquities
Agent Jethro Milton /(Dale Thurber) (email included in .pdf file)

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