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Psychotech experiments background by TerroX (printer friendly)

McKinley Group Report


In 1953, CIA reports indicated that Soviet scientists were actively researching psychic
and/or telepathic phenomena, looking for, as they called it, "the mental radio" within all
humans. During the early 60s, interest in Soviet paranormal claims was first aroused by
newspaper articles describing the astonishing abilities of Rosa Kuleshova, a 22-year-old
Russian girl who could apparently read print while blindfolded. In 1968, films of Nina
Kulagina moving objects -- apparently with her mind only -- were shown at the First
Moscow International Conference on Parapsychology. Then the general public became
aware of the varied work in parapsychology carried out in the U.S.S.R. when Sheila
Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder's Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain was
published in 1970.

As we know, Soviet research began in the Laboratory of Bio-Physics at the State Control
Institute of Medical and Biological Research, strongly affiliated with the Academy of
Sciences. The work begun in these laboratories grew quickly into a heavily-funded
program (some sources indicate $21 million a year) aimed at harnessing psychic abilities
for espionage and military uses.

Researchers who moved on from there to form the Leningrad Brain Research Institute
grew into Special Department No. 13. This group operated out of Novosibirsk. in western
Siberia alongside other theoretical experimental science agencies (the city contained
some 40 research centers and housed tens of thousands of scientists and their families).

By the early 1970s, Project No. 13 became known as Psychotech, although in the U.S.S.R.
it was a "nonexistent" branch of the Controlled Offensive Intelligence Agency. Psychotech
moved beyond the advancement of psychic research (carried on by other departments,
such as No. 8), and into the development of technological means to create or enhance
existing telepathic or psychokinetic abilities. Furthermore, Psychotech field-tested its
equipment, using trained telepaths to spy, interrogate, and commit terrorist acts on
foreign powers and divergent organizations. Unlike the developments of Project No. 8,
the work of Psychotech never became public knowledge. The Psychotech’s agents’
reputation of ruthlessness remained a secret known only to the Intelligence and Occult

In the mid-1990s, when the U.S.S.R. was breaking apart, Psychotech apparently
disappeared. Just a few years later, however, the organization resurfaced, now as an
independent secret society bent on amassing power. Psychotech became more ruthless
and devious than ever. Now, it wages its own secret wars with the Masons, the
Rosicrucians, Hoffmann, and various governments to gain complete control of advanced
psychic technology -- particularly technologies originating from extraterrestrial sources.
In this sense "technologies" includes artifacts of occult power as well as cutting-edge
mechanical devices.

Psychotech agents have been observed using mental scramblers that can incapacitate
individuals or even groups; wearing protective mesh (often under a hat, wig, or toupee)
that insulates against mental contact, probes, or even attacks; utilizing long-range
psychic tracers and listening devices; and administering drugs that make a victim more
susceptible to telepathic probes or suggestions. All of these devices require the presence
of a specially-trained psychic for proper use.

Agents of Psychotech often work in groups of three, at least one of which will be a class-4
psychic with extensive power. If encountered, our recommendation is to look for any
device on the enemy agent and disable it or separate it from the individual. Psychotech
devices are often concealed or designed to look like something else -- a pen, a lighter, a
cell phone, even a firearm -- and can also be very small. Their psychic tracers resemble
computer chips almost too small to see with the naked eye. Use hypersensitive metal
detector sweeps as well as visual searches on captured agents as well as on yourself after
an encounter.

In our only experience with the organization (Black Sun, Inc. offices, San Francisco,
August 3, 2000), we encountered a single agent, but were sure that there were more. This
agent was using a device to mentally hack into an otherwise secure computer system and
download files directly into his brain. When we intervened, implanted suggestions in
Black Sun’s own security operatives caused them to attack us. The next day, all four of us
believed that we had successfully apprehended the Psychotech agent the night before,
but only later discovered that these were false memories somehow implanted within us
while the agent (and his hidden accomplices) escaped with the data.

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