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Old Moon, New Moon adventure


New Moon, Old Blood by TerroX (printer friendly)

New Moon, Old Blood “This is our night to howl.” Charlie Bartolucci, Suicide Kings

Background A group of teenaged Skinheads in rural Robeson county, North Carolina was approached by a high ranking occultist of the American Nazi Party in October of 1997. With help from the rising Dark Tide this introduced the little band to the realities of diabolism and odinism, bringing them into the fold of the Final Church. He then sent them out as a death squad, roaming North Carolina and occasionally South Carolina and Georgia. Calling themselves the “Knights of Thor”, this band of so called killers never had much luck. Their plans never seemed to work out, police and other agencies always seemed to show up just in time to prevent any major crimes they attempted, and none of them ever managed to get any occult ritual to work. In 1999, they had hit their all time low. They had become nothing more than vandals and drifters. The group’s high points were the spray painting of swastikas on high schools and churches in Georgia and assaulting minorities one of their number, Donovan Green, was arrested August 9 in Bessemer City, NC for attacks in the neighborhood where the Knights were living. During the following year, the Knights continued to roam, causing minor trouble and growing more and more disgruntled. Then, in December of 2000, the group’s original benefactor returned. He took the group to an abandoned farm near Foxfire, NC. There he revealed to them the secret of summoning Bering demons and initiated them into the ranks of the Novo Ordi Templi (or New Templars). After their mysterious advisor had left, the Knights of Thor headed to the state capital, Raleigh, with plans of a killing spree ending with a grand sacrifice of children of minority races and the summoning of nothing less than Dispater himself. So, after stealing a van, they headed out. Unknown to the Knights, their friendly contact did not care what they did or even if they could use what he had pretended to teach them. He only cared about the experimental mutagen he had secretly administered to one of the group’s members, Eric Schmitt. Developed from papers obtained by the U.S. government during Operation: Paperclip, this serum could supposedly create the mythical creatures known as werewolves from any person with true Aryan blood. A week after their first attack, the Knights discovered the effects of the experiment: on the first night of the full moon, as they waited in their stolen van in a residential neighborhood, Schmitt changed. After a short, brutal attack, the incoherent lycanthrope fled the scene, and the heroes enter it.

Supporting Cast
Level 5 Human (Mutant) Combat Spec
STR 12 +1
INT 9 ±0
DEX 9 ±0
WIL 10 ±0
CON 13
Durability: 13/13/7/7
Action Check: 13+/12/6/3
Move: sprint 24, run 16, walk 6
# of Actions: 2 Reaction Score: Ordinary/2
Last Resorts: 1
Flaw: Rebellious, Temper (+2 penalty if mocked; 4)

Unarmed brawl ( d4) 14/7/3 d4+1s/d4+2s/d4+3s (LI/O)
Claws* (±d0) 12/6/3 d6+3s/d4+1w/d4+3w (LI/O)
Dagger (±d0) 13/6/3 d4w/d4+1w/d4+2w (LI/O)
.38 revolver (±d0) 10/5/2 d4w/d4+1w/d4m (HI/O) * Usable only when he is in wolf man form.

Leather jacket: d6 3 (LI), d4 3 (HI), d4 2 (En)

Athletics [12]; Melee [12] blade [13]; Unarmed [12] brawl [14]; Acrobatics [9] dodge [10]; Modern [9] pistol [10]; Vehicle [9]; Stamina [13] endurance [14], resist pain [15]; Knowledge [9] black metal music [12], computer [10], English [12], German [12], Nazism [10]; Awareness [10]; Street [10] criminal [12]; Interaction [8] intimidate [13], taunt [9].

Advantageous: Adrenal Control, Improved Constitution, Natural Attack, Night Vision.
Drawbacks: Major Physical Change (wolf man form), Toxin Intolerance.

Leather jacket emblazoned with Tötenkopf skull & bones, Nazi era replica dagger, .38 revolver, expensive shades.

Eric Schmitt is the last living member of the neo Nazi hate group, the Knights of Thor. Though he stands a heavy muscled 6’7” tall, Schmitt has what could be termed a “baby face” if it were not for his shaved head and constant, Teutonic glare. He also has the words “Skin” and “Head” tattooed across his fingers. Schmitt normally wears heavy black boots with red laces, black jeans fading to gray, and his signature leather jacket over a black or red t shirt. Due to the experimental serum administered to Schmitt by his contact in the Final Church, he has recently become a mutant. His first transformation occurred the night before the Adventure Trigger, while he was supposed to be on guard as the rest of the Knights ritually sacrificed young Michelle Jones. His second transformation, as the formula coursed through his veins, took place in the confines of the Knights’ stolen van. It was not a pretty sight. When under the strengthening influence of the mutagen, Schmitt does not actually transform into a wolf as his altered mind believes. His form is more like that of Lon Chaney Jr.’s character in The Wolf Man, though his enhanced speed and peoples’ natural resistance to the unnatural tend to confuse reports of Schmitt’s attacks. Schmitt now believes he is a true descendant of the ancient order of the Knights Templar, and that his mutation is but the outward sign of his superior Aryan blood. He also believes he is the only one who can properly continue the Knights of Thor’s diabolic summoning ritual (though in reality, he has no FX powers, and will ultimately fail). Anyone speaking against his ideals or in a disrespectful tone towards him causes Schmitt to fly into a rage if he can’t succeed in a Will feat check.

Adventure Trigger
One of the heroes is awakened at 4:23 a.m. one morning while at home (or possibly staying at a non downtown hotel) to the cacophonous racket of several dogs barking, punctuated by a long, loud howl. If the hero gets up to investigate, read or paraphrase the following: Outside, a short distance away from your from your house is an unmarked, white van parked under a flickering streetlight. Through the drizzle you can tell that the interior light is on, and it looks as if one of the rear doors is open. At the rear of the van is one of your neighbor’s dogs, soaking wet, barking at whatever the vehicle contains.

The hero may attempt an Awareness perception check at this time as well. An Ordinary success informs the hero that what at first appeared to be shadows on the side of the van is actually something dark smeared upon its surface. A Good success lets the hero catch a dark, fast moving shape in the corner of her eye, apparently headed down the street away from the scene. Finally, an Amazing check reveals what appears to be someone’s hand hanging out the open back door of the van.

Act One
Scene One:
Murder Most Foul
At this time, the most obvious thing for the hero to do is to investigate the strange vehicle outside his residence, before or after alerting his companions and/or the authorities. It is late March, and though there was a full moon earlier in the evening, the dark sky is overcast, and a cold drizzle dampens everything. Upon approaching the van, heroes can see that it is a 1995 Ford Econoline 250, white with tinted windows (NC license plate, BLJ 548; this was switched with the original plate from Georgia, and belongs to a Jim Buntner’s blue 2000 Honda Accord). The dark smear along one side is fresh, uncongealed blood a foreshadowing of what is inside. When the heroes actually get close enough to look into the vehicle read or paraphrase the following:

It is the smell that hits you first. Then the fact that blood seems to cover everything within the van: bodies, seats, ceiling, floor, and walls. Besides the blood, everything seems to have been rent, torn, or slashed. The stuffing of the driver’s seat, soaked with crimson drips onto the black boot of one of the van’s occupants. Your senses begin to take in more than the violent slashes and blood. There are four bodies; three men and a woman, though at first it’s hard to tell, as they’ve all got shaved heads. The remnants of their clothing are mainly leather jackets, t shirts, and jeans, and they all appear to wear combat boots. Then you notice the spilled bullets that lie in the pool of blood between the bodies. And the rifle tossed under the passenger seat. And the switchblade knife clutched in the woman’s near severed hand. Also among the clutter are a few books, CDs, and pamphlets, and the van’s walls are decorated with ruined, red cloth hangings of some sort.

The bodies are the remains of the neo Nazi thrill killers, the Knights of Thor. They all appear to be in their late teens or early twenties, and if searched have ID that shows who they are (though this requires a Resolve mental resolve check):

• George Duvall; age 24; of Alma, NC; the van’s driver • Max White; age 21; of Alma, NC • Henry Richter; age 21; of Maxton, NC • Nancy Feister; age 17; of Dillon, SC

All four of the van’s occupants sport tattoos, jewelry, and clothing of the fascist Skinhead variety: swastikas, skulls, white power mottoes, and Richter has the image of Hitler, Himmler, Göbbels, and Göring across his chest. All four of them are also very dead, presumably from the great slash wounds that crisscross their bodies. An Ordinary Medical Science forensics skill check will reveal that the Skinheads’ wounds appear have been caused by claws. A Good success will show that the victims appear to have been surprised by whatever attacked them, as none show any signs of successful retaliation. Lastly, an Amazing success allows the hero to discover a small patch of golden brown hair caught in the hinge of the rear door, below which is a bloody boot print quickly being ruined by the light rain. An actual search of the van provides the heroes with the following:

• A .30 bolt rifle, 3 clips of 10 .30 bullets, 43 loose .38 bullets, 2 combat knives, and Feister’s switchblade. • Pamphlets and propaganda news letters from various racist and neo Nazi groups, including the World Church of the Creator, the Knights of Unity, and the Aryan Nations.

• CDs of such black metal bands as the Knights of White Might, NON, Electric Hellfire Club, Venom (England), and Graveland (Poland), as well as two compilation albums: White Death (featuring racist Skinhead bands and neo Nazi metal bands from Europe) and The Night and the Fog: A Tribute to the National Socialist Black Metal Underground (produced by Dungeons of Darkness label, a member organization of Pagan Front). • A book about Vikernes called, Lords of Chaos, by Michael J. Moynihan, leader of the black metal band Blood Axis.

An Ordinary success by a hero using Investigate search turns up an anti Semitic book titled, Vargsmall, by key Norwegian black metal figure Varg Vikernes (in jail for beheading his best friend he also endorses fascism, child sacrifice, and torture) under more pamphlets in the glove box. The cloth decorating the interior walls of the van are actually flags. The first is a standard flag of the Nazi party; the second however is a much blood stained American flag, the blue field of stars of which has been exchanged with the black and white symbol of the Tötenkopf division of the SS. A Good check allows the hero to discover a small patch of golden brown hair caught in the hinge of the rear door, below which is a bloody boot print quickly being ruined by the light rain. Finally, an Amazing success reveals a round amulet wrapped around the rear view mirror, tucked behind it so it faces out the front. It depicts a raven or crow superimposed over an inverted star. Though this group is not actually aligned with Les Trieze Corbins, whose symbol this is, it may spark conspiratorial ideas in some of the heroes’ minds. The Knights of Thor actually bought it from a dealer at a Skinhead rally.

If anyone else in the neighborhood was disturbed by the dogs, they won’t do anything until morning. If the heroes do not alter the scene (moving the van, cleaning it out, etc.) by 6:45 a.m., a neighbor will investigate and immediately call the police. Two patrol cars and a plain clothes detective will arrive with an ambulance by 7:10 a.m. Detective James Bunton (use Ordinary Law Enforcer template) will immediately approach the heroes if they are milling about in order to ask if they noticed anything during the night. Should they have gone back inside, he will question neighbors for about half an hour before approaching nearby homes. If the heroes searched the van, and did not take the precaution of wearing gloves, their fingerprints will be discovered by the forensics officer during the police investigation.

Scene Two: My Dear Watson…
The heroes, by now, should realize that something is definitely going on. They may want to take whatever evidence they think they have and research it by themselves, or with the help of alliances or contacts.

The Hoffmann Institute The institute has very little ready information on werewolves; in fact most of the organization’s members think of them as “about as likely to exist as vampires” this said with a little doubt in their voice. However, basic information can be gained:

• Werewolfism, or more properly, lycanthropy is a mental illness in which one imagines oneself to be a wolf. • Like vampires, legends of shapeshifters span the globe from the Native American skinwalker, to the French loup du noir, to the great number of tales collected from the dark forests and mountains of Germany. • The common lore on werewolves asserts that one can only be harmed by silver (usually in bullet form) or wolfsbane (aconite, a poisonous member of the buttercup family).

No more than this can be gained without a few weeks of research and call to various other branch offices. The heroes’ superior will of course order to continue their investigation and remind them that they should try not to get the regular authorities involved. However, if the heroes think to ask about Nazis or neo Nazis as well as werewolves, the Institute can provide them with more information. The results of a hero’s Interaction interview skill will provide the following:

• Critical Failure: The hero’s phone goes dead as a high level monitoring satellite belonging to the Nazi descendants of Odessa picked up on the hero’s conversation and terminated the call. If speaking to someone in person at the RTP office, the hero can’t seem to find anyone who knows more than the average American. • Marginal: In addition to the information known to the general populous, the hero is told that “when Nazi Germany fell at the end of World War II, the Odessa Plan went into effect, smuggling high ranking Nazis out of Germany. Most fled to South America with stolen money and seized works of art worth millions. They used this money to forge a new empire a new Reich of drug smugglers and terrorist training camps. • Ordinary: “Even as the nineteenth century occult organizations fell apart or disbanded, new more sinister occult groups formed in mainland Europe. These secret societies combined lore (supposedly) from a lost Atlantis like island with racist philosophies and Teutonic warrior ethics. Chief among these was the Thule Society, from which arose individuals who would become important political figures in the coming years: the Nazis.” • Good: “The Nazis gained power in the 1930s, transforming an impoverished and downtrodden Germany into a motivated military juggernaut. At the heart of the Nazi regime was the Schutzstaffel (the SS). A special inner circle of the SS the Order of the Death’s Head was an occult group based on the Teutonic knightly orders before them.” • Amazing: “It is rumored that through the mystical rites and incantations of the Thule Society, high ranking Nazis (such as Himmler) learned that in order to attain true power they would have to perform the largest and most bloody ritual ever conducted. These rumors speculate that the millions murdered in death camps throughout the late 1930s and early 1940s may have been sacrificed as part of a rite of black magic.”

The Wake County Public Library This is only a Moderate quality source of information, and so it hinders all Investigate research checks with a +2 step penalty (and all Lore checks by +3 steps). The same basic information can be gained here as from the Hoffmann Institute with any level of successful check. With a Good or better check, a hero can find the novel WerewolveSS, by [author’s name], listed in the Fiction section. Though it is currently checked out, the synopsis indicates that it is about a secret experiment by the Nazi SS in 1945 that granted an entire unit of elite soldiers immortality by turning them into werewolves.

The Internet
With this line of research, the Gamemaster can either allow the players to do an actual web search to find whatever they think they are looking for, or can simply provide them with an in game equivalent (using the three screen images provided as props to get started). Using the second option requires a successful Computer Science hacking, Street Smart net savvy, or Knowledge computer operation skill check to wade through the myriad low quality pages and get to the real goods. Success provides the heroes with all the basic information, as well as anything regarding the Nazis, Odessa, or diabolism that the Gamemaster deems appropriate. The News & Observer Should the party think to pick up and read a copy of the day’s newspaper, this will provide them access to the first two articles provided (dated March 24). If none of the heroes bothers to read the paper, the Gamemaster can have a supporting cast member mention the articles.

Scene Three: First Blood
Schmitt and his fellow members of the Knights of Thor had based their plan for summoning Dispater upon the knowledge imparted by their mysterious advisor and upon the detailed descriptions of hate based practices in Vikernes’ book, Vargsmall, particularly the parts on child sacrifice. Schmitt, having come to himself earlier in the morning, hidden in a steam tunnel about a quarter mile from the hero’s house and the bloody van. After carefully making his way back to the scene of the crime, Schmitt began to realize what had happened. Determined to continue with the original plan, Schmitt realizes that he needs the book, and figures out after a couple of hours that he no longer has access to the van. He decides that someone may have gotten to it before the police, and that the someone must have been in one of the nearby houses. About 2:30 p.m., Schmitt approaches the home of the hero. If anyone is home, allow them an Awareness perception check to notice that any pets are acting a little funny (cat’s hissing, dogs whimpering, etc.) before reading or paraphrasing the following:

There is a loud knock at the door, disturbing whatever you were just doing. Going to see who it is, you discover a huge man in his mid twenties, dressed in black leather standing on your porch. Both his face and head are clean shaven. He scowls, looking directly at you, apparently waiting for you to open the door.

Any character with the ESP precognition psionic ability should roll a check at this time, with any success indicating that they see a red, inverted pentagram somewhere on the body of the hero answering the door. Those with the Lore occult skill will realize that this is a sign associated with diabolism, while a Good success or better will make them aware that it is associated with werewolf legends as well such a mark always appears on a werewolf’s next victim. Should anyone open the door (after a minute or two, Schmitt will pound again), the heroes should roll Awareness perception checks to see if they can avoid surprise, as Schmitt leaps to the attack. He will use his Unarmed brawl attack to force the answering hero away from the door, then draw his .38 and cover any other visible heroes. Schmitt only wants his book, and will do almost anything to get it from the heroes. However, he is not stupid, and if after ten minutes he has not gotten it, or if serious resistance is shown (a hero draws a gun on him, etc.) he will flee.

Alternate: If the heroes happen to have been out and about during this time, whenever they return, they are greeted with a less than cheerful scene.

As you pull up outside your house, you immediately realize that this day has gone from bad to worse. Your front door stands open, and you can see even from where you sit in your car, that the frame is splintered.

The hero’s home has been ransacked. Any supporting cast members that may have been left at home (siblings, parents, roommates, etc.) can be found beaten and unconscious in a turned out bedroom. If Schmitt’s book had been left in the house, it is now gone (along with any easy to find cash or valuables). If not, then he will be even more angry when he next encounters the heroes.

Act Two
Scene One:
A Little Too Quiet
Schmitt will not attack the heroes again, whether he got his book back or not. If he did, he spends Sunday morning preparing for the ritual he plans to complete that evening. If the heroes managed to keep it from him, Schmitt first tries to find another copy, but quickly gives up and prepares to go on with it from memory. As for the heroes, the rest of their day was uninterrupted, and so may have been spent in further research or in fruitless hunting for Schmitt. The next morning, the overcast sky that rained drizzle on them all of Saturday has decided to part just enough for the sun and a few patches of blue to be seen. It looks like it will be a pleasant day.

Inspection of the morning newspaper, besides an unusual number of the comics dealing with “little, green men”, yields the reward of the third article (dated March 25), and a very false lead Mr. Daniel Forsithe’s car accident and its cause a big dog, similar to the report of Schmitt’s attack on the day care. Mr. Forsithe’s phone number and address can be found in the local telephone book. He will be unavailable until he returns from church ar 12:30 p.m. The heroes can then engage him in conversation about the accident (with a good story and a successful Interaction interview or Entertainment act skill check). Unless the heroes do or say something to offend him, Mr. Forsithe can be considered Friendly. If stats are required for him, use the Moderate Administrator template.

“Yeah, wouldn’t you know it. I moved in little over a week ago, started my new job with IBM last Monday, and then, bam! my car’s totaled. Now how am I supposed to get to work? “The dog? Yeah, it was the biggest one I’ve ever seen. I would almost swear hitting it did more damage than those other two cars hitting me. And like I told the lady from the paper, it kept running after I hit it, too. I’m not kidding. “What’d it look like? Well, mostly, it was big. But when it finally collapsed in the ditch, I got a good look at it. There was a lot of blood, but it was definitely white. Or a kind of golden. Can dogs be blondes? Anyway, I was pissed, and didn’t care too much about the thing anyway.”

If the heroes state that they would like to see the dog that caused Mr. Forsithe’s wreck, he can easily give them directions to the location along Aversboro Road where the accident took place, but that “someone official” probably got rid of the remains on Saturday. In fact the City of Raleigh Animal Control dead animal pick up officers disposed of the body carefully double bagged and dumped at a nearby waste management facility. The dump is closed Sundays, and by the time any hero contacts the place of Monday, the dog will have been destroyed. Though all may seem well (or perhaps lost), as the heroes are driving back into town from Mr. Forsithe’s home in Garner, the Gamemaster should have everyone in the car make an Awareness perception check (with a 1 step bonus if the hero has stated that he is on the lookout for anything suspicious). Success indicates that they notice the following:

As the light in front of you turns red, you pull to a stop, first at the intersection. As you watch the traffic moving from left to right before you, you hear loud, screaming music coming from a red jeep with a black top moving across the intersection. You get a good look at the driver when he passes, as the jeep is missing its side windows. With his head pumping up and down in time with the thrashing beat of his music is the huge man that attacked you yesterday.

Alternate: If the heroes either called Mr. Forsithe, or did nothing at all after finding the third newspaper article, simply allow the Awareness perception check during a car ride that one of the heroes takes in the early afternoon (picking up another hero, getting lunch, etc.).

Scene Two: The Beast Strikes
Unless the heroes do something extremely reckless, like attempting to run him off the road, Schmitt heads to Glenwood Avenue and strait on to Crabtree Valley Mall. If only a few heroes were in the car that spotted him, they may wish to contact their companions as well as giving chase. They may also wish to follow him without his notice. In order to ensure the later, whichever hero is driving must make either a Stealth shadow or Vehicle Operation land check. Success gives Schmitt’s Awareness intuition check a +1, +2, or +3 penalty (for Ordinary, Good, or Amazing), while a Critical Failure provides him a 1 bonus. If he should notice the heroes, Schmitt will smile menacingly at them and flip them off; he knows that gunfire in heavy traffic draws unwanted attention. If Schmitt has not noticed his tail by the time he has reached the mall, he will park on the upper level and enter through the food court. If he has noticed the heroes, he will simply drive up to an entrance, abandon his jeep (it was stolen after all, so he has little attachment to it), and hurry inside. If the heroes manage to catch up with Schmitt before he enters the mall, they may try to take him on in the parking deck. Early Sunday afternoon is not as crowded as Friday evening, but there is still the chance of shoppers going to or from their cars. The Gamemaster should have a different hero roll a Personality feat check every round that they try to engage Schmitt, with Success indicating that the coast stays clear. Once inside the mall, Schmitt moves briskly through the food court, down the stairs, and through the central hall towards Hudson Belk’s. Heroes wishing to follow him must stay at least 10 meters away from him or make a successful Stealth shadow check. Anyone keeping an eye on Schmitt will notice him looking around, as if searching for something. Schmitt make his way to the end of the mall with great haste, attracting some deal of attention from the shoppers. As he nears Belk’s, he seems to have spotted what he was looking for. Read or paraphrase the following to heroes who have been following Schmitt:

The big Skinhead quickly rounds a black, park bench like seat near a potted plant and heads towards the mall’s exit in front of Hudson Belk’s department store. At a bank of pay phones near Belk’s entrance a matronly Hispanic woman is talking loudly in Spanish, not paying any attention two her two young daughters playing near her, just out of sight of the majority of the shoppers. The big man stoops down in front of the two girls, and pulls out a large knife. Growling something to them, he begins to hurry them towards the exit their mother still unawares!

If Schmitt knows of the heroes’ presence, he flashes them a dark smile, and shakes his head at them in warning. If they attack Schmitt while he is still in the mall, he will happily reward the heroes by killing both girls (who are named Maria & Isabel Montez) before attempting to flee. If his way is blocked, he will have no course but to give up on the summoning for now and defend himself. After d4+1 rounds of combat, a pair of Ordinary Law Enforcers will arrive on the scene, demanding that everyone throw down their weapons. One of them, however is black, and if Schmitt has any ammunition left in his pistol, he will fire it immediately (along with loud racial slurs) at that police officer.

Scene Three: Finality?
If Schmitt makes it out the doors, he uses his adrenal control mutation (which causes him to transform into his wolf man form), gaining the strength and speed he needs to grab up both girls and attack a mall patron and steal his car. As he speeds away from the mall, the heroes will either be far behind him, or they may attempt to commandeer a car themselves. With a successful Deception bluff, Entertainment act (with a +2 penalty), or Interaction intimidate (with a +1 penalty) check, as well as something that seems like a badge (Hoffmann Institute I.D., for example), the heroes can convince a law abiding citizen to give up their car. Other options include car jacking at gunpoint, or attempting an Ordinary complex Technical Science juryrig check (requiring 3 successes) to hot wire one of the cars in the parking lot.

Movement Drive Rating: ±0
Acceleration: 40 Mpp
Type: Ordinary
Cruise: 100 kph
Crew: 4
Maximum: 130 kph

Stun 07
Wound 07
Mortal 03

For the chase, the heroes will start off 1 kilometer behind Schmitt, unless they managed to commandeer a vehicle right after he did in which case they’ll by only 100 meters behind him. During the first three rounds of the chase, Schmitt’s intentions will be to open, increasing the distance between himself and his pursuers. In the fourth round, he will have the chance to make a break for it, by veering across two lanes and off an exit ramp at the last moment. If it seems the heroes are going to catch him without a problem, Schmitt will try another break by tossing young Maria out of the car (she must make a check on table P43 at 1 step with Dexterity of 8 and a Constitution of 6). Prevailing conditions are normal (±0 steps) throughout the chase scene. If Schmitt successfully avoids the heroes (or a crash) for four rounds, he’ll make it to the downtown warehouse that the Knights of Thor had “acquired” for their ritual. He will quickly man handle his captives inside, shut the overhead sliding door, and lock it. It will then take him five rounds to perform the ritual including stripping and binding a captive girl. On the sixth uninterrupted round of “casting”, Schmitt will plunge his dagger into his victim, and discover that his success was less than outstanding (see the Alternative below). Of course, the heroes have several ways of stopping him. If they did not loose Schmitt during the chase, they will arrive at the warehouse in time to see him closing the door. If they did loose him, any hero who succeeds in an Investigate track or Interaction interview (with the local man on the street) will find Schmitt’s car three rounds after he has begun the ritual. They then have the locked door to deal with. Manipulation lockpick requires a Marginally complex check (2 successes) at 1 step due to the lock’s poor quality. Heroes might also try to destroy the door to get through (it has Durability 5, Ordinary toughness, and ignores d4 damage per hit) though if it is rammed by a car, the driver must make an Awareness intuition check at a +2 step penalty to avoid ramming Schmitt and his sacrifice as well once the car bursts through the door. Once inside, the final confrontation may begin.

Alternate: If the heroes loose Schmitt, or if they just let him go for some reason, this adventure is effectively ended. Schmitt will attempt to complete the summoning ritual, using Maria and/or Isabel as his final sacrifices. However, with no actual arcane skills or training, all Schmitt is able to do is draw the attention of a small imp, Stripchisel a yrgling Bering demon. These two, after yelling and cursing at one another for a good fifteen minutes, will form a tenuous alliance, flee the state (heading to Virginia), and be ready and waiting for the Gamemaster to use them as floaters in another adventure or as the major villains at a later date.

STRIPCHISEL Yrgling Bering demon
STR 7 ±0
INT 7 ±0
DEX 9 ±0
WIL 6 1
CON 12
Durability: 16/16/8/8
Action Check: 9+/8/4/2
Move: sprint 16, run 12, walk 4, fly 32
# of Actions: 2 Reaction Score: Marginal/1

Claws (±d0) 12/6/3 d4w/d4+2w/d62w (LI/O)

Armor (Ordinary): d4 (LI), d4 (HI), d4 (En)

Athletics [7]; Melee [7] bludgeon [8]; Unarmed [7] brawl [10]; Acrobatics [9] flight [12]; Stamina [12] endurance [13]; Knowledge [7] English [9]; Awareness [6]; Resolve [6]; Interaction [7].

Achievement Awards
Award each hero 1 achievement point for each act successfully completed (or 2 points for the whole adventure). An additional 1 point may be rewarded if the group manages to neutralize the treat posed by Schmitt with no innocent bystanders being harmed. Finally, if any hero does something truly spectacular or heroic, or if any player role plays their hero’s character traits and motivations particularly well, they can be granted an individual bonus of 1 achievement point, as well.

Saturday, March 24, 2001
6 injured in dog attack at day care

Raleigh A large dog leapt the fence at North Hills Day Care Center & Preschool, 4711 Six Forks Rd. at 4:35 p.m. Friday and attacked several of the children playing outside. The dog ignored attempts by the worker in charge of the children to interpose herself between it and its victims, simply switching targets when its original became unavailable said the management, speaking on behalf of the worker who wished to remain anonymous. Workers at the day care immediately called 911, while others tried to get all of the children back inside the center’s building. By the time animal control officers arrived on the scene, the dog had once more leapt the 4 foot tall fence, and fled the scene. The day care worker said that the dog was “big, like a German shepherd, but kind of looked like a golden retriever. But they don’t attack people, not that I’ve heard.”

Saturday, March 24, 2001
Lost child’s body found in park, burned

Raleigh The body of Michelle Loquitia Jones, 9, was found in Chavis Park near her parents’ home Friday according to reports given by the Raleigh police department. According to the report, Jones, who had been reported missing Thursday was initially identified by a ring she was wearing. However due to the severe burns she had received, dental records were used to confirm her identity. Though no comment beyond the incident report was given by local authorities, Christopher Jones, the girl’s father, said that he and his family were just trying to understand. “What kind of sick [person] could do such a thing here?”

Sunday, March 25, 2001
Three car wreck caused by stray dog

Garner An automobile accident involving three cars blocked traffic along south bound Aversboro Rd. late Saturday night when Daniel Forsithe, 49, skidded to a stop after hitting a dog. The vehicle behind his was unable to come to a stop before hitting Forsithe’s car, and likewise the vehicle behind that one. The second vehicle in the accident was driven by Celeste Harrison, 17, and the third by Jim Washburne, 54. No one was reported injured. Forsithe said that the cause for the accident was a large dog that dashed out in front of his car. “When I hit it, it was like running into a wall, the thing was so big. It did not even look like it knew I’d hit it, because it made it all the way across the road and into a ditch before it died.”


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