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Fleet Systems GV-1M
GV-1M plans


GV1-M by roguemorgan (printer friendly)

Fleet Systems GV-1M

The GV-1 is the standard ground transport vehicle commonly purchased/leased by corporations for light duty in favorable environments. The GV-1M is the medical transport configuration most often encountered, although the GV-1 chassis can be heavily reconfigured. Measuring 7.25 meters long by 3.6 meters wide and 4.5 meters high; the GV-1 is a tracked vehicle that uses triple lanthide cells with a Hi-Power Engine for a 72 hour range. The GV-1 can be staffed by as little as 1 person or carry up to 4 comfortably or 12-14 in extreme cases, such as an evacuation.

The GV-1M has two staffed positions:
Only the pilot is necessary for basic operation of the GV1-M
Co-pilot is the primary medical attending.

Game notes

This vehicle can be found in nearly any civilized area of the galaxy. Characters utilitizing this vehicle for any reason will have to contend with the consequences of misrepresenting the universal sign of Non-Combatants/Medical Aid if they do so. (This is defined as "treachery" and illegal even on Earth today by nations that sign the Geneva Conventions.)
This vehicle is not designed for combat or a combat zone and accordingly has no armor or weapons. The GV1 series are built on a well made chassis (20/20/10 durability of type Good) and are superior to even SUV's, and as such can take a respectable amount of abuse, for a civilian-grade asset. The lack of weight from armor allows the addition of fuel cells to achieve 72 hour operations. The main hatch on the right side either slides forward or lowers to form a 2.5m ramp to facilitiate moving sick/wounded.
This particular vehicle bears the corporate logo of Bright Star Medical Services, a "mega-corp HMO" in my game world.
Name Fleet Systems GV-1M
Skill Vehicle Op - Land (Tracked)
Drv +0
Acc 48 kph
Cruise 134 kph (83 mph)
Max 240 kph (149 mph)
Type Good
Dur 20/20/10
Avail Com
Cost $75 000
Notes Comm suite (Comm gear/Emergency Beacon/Inertial Compass)
Radar (Surface Search)
IR Detector
Medical suite
Rescue Gear
Hi-Power engine

Weapons : None
Armor : None

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