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Bio-Tech for the Dark Star campaign by TerroX (printer friendly)

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Biotechnology is the lesser-known counterpart to cybertechnology. It has been created by the Thuldans whom prefer organics to metal and plastics tech in cybergear.  It is new to the Stellar nations and was still in the testing phase when the Dillon system was settled.  The two share many common characteristics and even a common vision: artificial modification and improvement of the human -- or alien -- body. However, while cybertech attempts to bring together living tissue with inorganic metals and plastics, Thuldan biotechnitians pride themselves on their more 'natural' approach. Living tissue, they claim, is much more likely to interact smoothly with more living tissue than with inorganic materials. On the other hand, the new tissue must adapt to and survive in its new environment, a limitation which hardy cybertechnology does not share. Thus, the success rates for the two technologies remain approximately equal.

Eligible Candidates
Like Cyber Gear, Bio Gear can be implanted into almost any living being. The exception, however, is the Mechalus. Due to their bodies' natural predisposition towards accepting alien (alien being defined as 'outside the body' in this case) cybertechnology, one would think that their bodies would certainly accept Bio Gear. Unfortunately, bonded with machinery on a molecular level, the Mechalus body is unable to suitably host Bio Gear, and transplanted tissue invariably dies.

In addition, certain individuals of other species seem to be 'allergic' to biotech; their bodies refuse to accept the new tissue with alarming regularity. Fortunately, such allergies occur very infrequently, and the vast majority of non-Mechalus sentients are fully capable of implanting Bio Gear with little or no problems.

On the other hand, it may be worthwhile to note that Bio Gear cannot be implanted onto Cyber Gear. Bio Gear must be implanted in living tissue and requires a living body to sustain it.

Implanting Bio Gear follows exactly the same procedure as installing Cyber Gear. Table P53 (in the APHB, page 240) displays the appropriate scores and modifiers for Surgery. The results of the surgeries, while similar, do differ slightly. On a Critical Failure, the implantation is unsuccessful and the patient suffers d4 points of mortal damage. On a Failure, the implantation is unsuccessful but (unlike in Cyber Surgery), the patient suffers no damage. On any success, the Bio Gear is successfully implanted, but the patient must immediately make a Constitution feat check to determine whether his body rejects the implant and whether the implant adapts to the patient's body (unlike during Cyber Surgery, the patient must always make this check). This check is made using the same modifiers as for Cyber Gear (page 241 in the APHB), but with an additional bonus depending on the character's Tolerance score (see below) with the new Gear included; the check is made with a -1 bonus for each slash that has not been exceeded (so -2 or -1 or 0).

Just as with cybertech, a body can only take so much alien tissue. In fact, both Bio and Cyber Gear count against the amount of alien tissue the body can handle. A mechanic already exists for his aspect of biotechnology, and it is called (perhaps ill-called now with the addition of biotech) the Cyber Tolerance Score. In short, Bio Gear counts against the Cyber Tolerance Score just as Cyber Gear does.

As with cybertech, many types of Bio Gear require special training in order to use properly. Fortunately, the same 10-point Perk which allows use of Cyber Gear also suffices for Bio Gear. Thus, by paying a one-time cost of ten skill points, a character can use both Bio and Cyber Gea

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