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Bio-Tech for the Dark Star campaign by TerroX (printer friendly)

A Toxin Node allows the host to poison another individual. The Node can produce any of the six types of poison (hemotoxin, neurotoxin, necrotoxin, caustic, paralytic, or irritant), and may be delivered by any of the three vectors (insinuation, inhalation, or contact); however, the type and vector are set at time of implantation and may never change. The duration and onset time are also set at time of implantation, and are usually around 10 minutes/duration and a one round onset time, although these depend on the exact toxin used and can be nearly any amount of time. For information on poison, see Chapter 3 of the AGMG, pages 59 and 60. The victim has a step modifier to his Constitution feat check of -2, 0, or +2, depending on the quality of the Toxin Node (Ordinary, Good, or Amazing). The Node produces enough toxin to be used 1, 2, or 3 times per day, again depending on its quality. The exact nature of the Node depends primarily on its intended vector. Contact Nodes are located just under the skin of the palm of one hand, so that the toxin may be 'sweated' out of the glands of the skin; should this poison be then spread onto a weapon, it is treated as if it were insinuative. Inhalation Nodes are located in the roof of the mouth, so that the toxin may be breathed out in a spray; this spray has a range of four meters and remains airborne for one round. Insinuation Nodes depend on another agent to deliver their toxin, and so are generally located under the skin on the back of a hand with small tendrils running down to the nails of each finger so that the poison can coat the fingernails; occasionally a host will use this type of Node with Fleshcrafted claws, or with Fleshcrafted fangs which allow the Node to be placed in the roof of the mouth like an Inhalation Node and inject the toxin with a bite. Regardless of the exact type of Node, an Unarmed Attack - brawl roll is required to poison a target (the Contact Node would receive a -1 bonus because the target must only be touched, but the host must touch bare skin, which negates the bonus). The GM may rule that implantation of a Toxin Node requires a bio-induced Cykosis check, because the brain must interface with the Node in order for it to tell the Node when to release the poison.

Name Toxin Node
O Cost $1 000
G Cost $2 000
A Cost $3 000
Avail Military
PL 7
Mass -
Size 1

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