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Biotech Info
Acidic Secretion
Additional Limb
Adrenal Node
Additional Socket
Additional Vitals
Behavioral Mod
Bio Optics
Chitin Plating
Camo Skin
Dex Aug
IQ Aug
Lung Implants
Muscle Aug
Pop Aug
Reflex Enhancement
Replacement Limb
Subdermal Sheathing
Toxin Node


Bio-Tech for the Dark Star campaign by TerroX (printer friendly)

The Regen consists of specially bio-engineered microbes designed to survive by consuming dead cells and other waste products of the host's body. They permeate the body but are found mainly in the bloodstream. Their primary function is to mend torn flesh and otherwise repair damage done to the host's body. They heal wound damage at a rate of one point per two hours, one hour, or half-hour and mortal damage at the rate of one point per 3, 2, or 1 hours, depending on the quality of the Regen (Ordinary, Good, or Amazing). Unfortunately, they cannot resurrect dead tissue, so if their host body dies, it stays dead. While the Regen is never harmed by damage to its host body, it dies shortly after the host body does, and a full detox procedure will also kill it.

Name Regen
O Cost $2 000
G Cost $4 000
A Cost $6 000
Avail Restricted
PL 7
Mass 1
Size 1

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