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Bio-Tech for the Dark Star campaign by TerroX (printer friendly)

A BioKlaw is a large sharpened spur, usually of hardened bone or chitin, which extends from the forearm and improves the damage a character can inflict on a normal Unarmed Attack. Any BioKlaw may be attached to a Replacement Limb, but only Ordinary or Good quality BioKlaws may be attached to normal limbs; the Amazing version requires a Replacement Limb. An Ordinary quality BioKlaw inflicts d4w/d4+1w/d4+2w, a Good BioKlaw inflicts d4+2w/d6+2w/d4m, and an Amazing d6+2w/d4m/d4+2m. Note that all statistics are for one BioKlaw attached to one arm; a BioKlaw on a second arm would obviously double the cost mass and size. Please note that, due to positioning considerations, a BioKlaw cannot be implanted on the same arm as a Wrist Maser or a Hornet. BioKlaws of Good quality or better are retractable, but the GM may rule that implantation of these requires a check for bio-induced Cykosis, since they must interface with the brain in order to retract.

Name BioKlaw
O Cost $350
G Cost $700
A Cost $1050
Avail Restricted
PL 7
Mass 1
Size 1

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