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Biotech Info
Acidic Secretion
Additional Limb
Adrenal Node
Additional Socket
Additional Vitals
Behavioral Mod
Bio Optics
Chitin Plating
Camo Skin
Dex Aug
IQ Aug
Lung Implants
Muscle Aug
Pop Aug
Reflex Enhancement
Replacement Limb
Subdermal Sheathing
Toxin Node


Bio-Tech for the Dark Star campaign by TerroX (printer friendly)

This Bio Gear protects the host's vital life systems -- cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, digestive, et al -- by implanting hardy alien backup organs that can function and maintain life should something happen to the primary organs. This is reflected in game play by several bonuses pertaining to mortal damage. All mortal damage inflicted upon the host is reduced (rounding down) by one-third, one-half, or two-thirds, depending on the quality of the Additional Vitals (Ordinary, Good, Amazing), but in no way reduces secondary damage. Also, the Additional Vitals provide a -1, -2, or -3 step bonus to all Stamina - endurance checks related to mortal damage, again depending on the quality of the Vitals. The GM may call for a bio-induced Cykosis check at time of implantation, because the brain must be configured to send signals to the Additional Vitals in addition to the natural ones.
Name Additional Vitals
O Cost $2 000
G Cost $4 000
A Cost $6 000
Avail Restricted
PL 7
Mass 2
Size 2

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