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Bio-Tech for the Dark Star campaign by TerroX (printer friendly)

The Additional Socket exists for one purpose only: to allow Bioptics to be implanted somewhere other than in an existing eye socket. This Bio Gear is simply an extra eye socket, and is almost always implanted during the same operation as is the Bioptics it is intended to be used with. The quality of the Additional Socket determines where on the body it may be located. An Ordinary quality Additional Socket must be located on the head, usually on the forehead or at the base of the spine. A Good quality Socket may be implanted anywhere on the head, shoulders, or upper torso, and an Amazing may be anywhere on the body. Because tendrils must run from the Additional Socket and carry information from the Bioptics to the brain, the GM may call for a bio-induced Cykosis check at time of implantation.
Name Additional Socket
O Cost $50
G Cost $100
A Cost $150
Avail Common
PL 7
Mass -
Size 1

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