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Acidic Secretion
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Bio-Tech for the Dark Star campaign by TerroX (printer friendly)

Alien glands can be implanted into the hands, allowing one to literally 'sweat' a caustic agent from the pores of the skin on one's palm at will. Originally designed for industrial use, availability of this Bio Gear was quickly restricted by governments as its dangers became obvious, especially in the hands (no pun intended) of criminals or terrorists. The host of this Bio Gear is in no way immune to the acid he produces, but usually that acid can be safely directed away from the body. He may produce acid as often as once every twenty-four hours, and the acid is then secreted for one full round. It must be used immediately after it is produced (in the same round), because it quickly dries out; this acid cannot be saved for later use. The host may theoretically produce acid more than once a day, but the effort of doing so inflicts d4 fatigue upon every attempt beyond the first. Upon producing the acid, the user must make a Constitution feat check to determine how much damage it will inflict upon the object (or person) touched. A Marginal success indicates that the acid only inflicts d4 stun, while a Critical Failure inflicts d4 wound on the user from his own acid. On any success, the amount of damage delivered depends upon the quality of the Bio Gear. An Ordinary quality Acidic Secretion inflicts d4w/d4+2w/d6+2w, Good inflicts d6w/d6+2w/d8+2w, and Amazing inflicts d8w/d8+2w/d6m. To inflict damage upon a target, that target must be touched; the range of this attack is Personal. To touch a living being requires a successful Unarmed Attack - brawl skill check. A -1 step bonus is granted to this skill check because the host only has to touch the victim. Note that the listed Mass, Size, and Cost are for Acidic Secretion in one hand, not both. The GM may rule that implantation of an Acidic Secretion requires a check for bio-induced Cykosis, due to the brain-interface requirements.
Name Acidic Secretion
O Cost $1 000
G Cost $2 000
A Cost $3 000
Avail Military
PL 0
Mass -
Size 1

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