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Cyber Ear
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Cybernetics I by d_leonard (printer friendly)

This device has been mainly employed by the military in covert operations. Used in the skirmishes on Tigua (a fog ridden planet) the locals were easily able to outdo a contingent of marines sent to pacify them.
Another common use is by reporters who use it to snoop on private conversations.
Name Cyber Ear
O Cost $500
G Cost $1 000
A Cost $1 500
Avail Common
PL 6
Mass 1 Kilograms
Size 1
Notes When in use this device gives the wearer a -1 on all Perception-Alertness rolls involving hearing. A good quality device provides a -2 and an amazing one provides a -2. The character may divide distances by 2, 3, or 4 to determine how far they can hear clearly as well.
When using its volume amplifying abilities the character is at a +1, +2, or +3 penalty to resist being deafened by sound type weapons or loud noises.

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