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Unofficial Xenoforms Addendum: The Will O the Wisp from Dark Matter portal


The Will O’ the Wisp unofficial addendum by TerroX (printer friendly)

Unofficial Xenoforms Addendum: The Will O’ the Wisp

Dark*Matter, Alternity, and Xenoforms are copyrighted © 2000 property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. In no way is this document considered a challenge to those intellectual property rights.

Will O’ the Wisp

STR 1 -2
INT 11 +1
DEX 18 +7*
WIL 13 +2
PER 10

Durability: 9/9/5/5 Action Check: 17+/16/8/4
Move: fly 36*+6[flight] = 42 # of Actions: 4
Reaction score: Good / 4 Last Resorts: 1

Electrical Shock 24/12/6 2d6s/d4+1w/2d4w En/G
Range is melee, but it is considered a touch attack, using Dexterity modifier.

+2 Action check bonus
Flight: +6 to movement rate
Only affected by physical weapon attacks, and certain FX and psionic effects (see below)
Turn invisible at will: +8 modifier to hide checks
Dodge: +2 to Dexterity resistance modifier
+1 to resistance modifier versus ranged attacks

Movement [20]; Acrobatics – dodge [28], flight [26]; Stealth [20] – hide [22]*; Awareness [13] – perception [16]


The will o’ the wisp is a malevolent creature which feeds on negative emotions. These emotions include panic, fear, horror, trepidation, and inescapable death. The will o’ the wisp “drinks” these emotions from the aura surrounding a person in their death struggles, or from someone who is shocked or in terror from something they have seen. It is believed that the wisp finds the increased electrochemical activity of the brain from these feelings to be nourishing.

As a cunning creature, it often lures humans into places of natural terror and fear – to graves, battlefields, the sites of murdered bodies, and dangerous areas, such as quicksand, cliff sides, crevasses, swamps, and bogs. The promise of food impels the wisp to best utilize its surroundings for prolonging the agony of a dying individual.

They generally appear as lone wisps, but more than one may be present at a particularly grisly or dangerous area, such as near African villages with Ebola virii or other pestilence, airplane crashes in remote wilderness where there is no hope for the survivors, military death camps, and the sites of lethal natural disasters like earthquakes. Mostly, however, they live in swampy areas.

Appearance and Abilities

A will o’ the wisp is in reality an intelligent globe of semisolid vapor, about 1 –3 feet across, and weighs about only 5 pounds. Usually, a wisp appears as a globe of light, although, under pressure of unwanted discovery, the wisp may go invisible at will. These spheres of light may change color, from yellow to white to green or blue. They can also alter the shapes of the light, their size and brightness to resemble anything from torchlight to lanterns, to misty glows.

A wisp has incredible movement, able to dart here and there, and flee quickly from threats. They usually try to avoid close quartered combat, preferring to bewilder and confuse onlookers from a short distance. It can however, if cornered, release an electrical charge of energy upon touch, dealing 2d6s/d4+1w/2d4w points of damage.

A will o’ the wisp can speak almost any language by “vibrating” much the way vocal cords do. It can learn this language by listening to others speak it. It’s voice sounds shallow, ghostly and vibrating.

FX and Psionics

Will o’ the wisps are immune to FX and psionics, with three exceptions.

It can be affected by psychokinetic damage (in the form of flying objects “thrown” by the Telekinesis specialty skill Psychokinetics, or the specialty skill Kinetic Blow).

The wisp actually regenerates stun, wound, fatigue and mortal points from the use of the Telekinesis specialty skill Electrokinetics. Simply reverse the damage to healing.

The will o’ the wisp is affected by the Faith FX spell Demon Ward.

The wisp is possibly a Stranger who has entered through a Doorway, and now seeks to satisfy its appetite. Or, it could be the “pet” experiment of Luciferans, who have created an energy globe to spread terror and fear in an area. Lastly, it could be an extradimensional creature summoned here by satanic cultists, who revere it in some biblically-twisted way as a servant of the devil himself.

Adventure Suggestions

* The agents are on vacation – an Alaskan small boat cruise – when the ship hits an unseen iceberg and capsizes. People swim to shore. A wisp taunts the survivors, pretending to be a rescue crew, and leading the agents into dangerous territory. As days go on, the wisp plays on people’s fears, separating those who want to stay and signal for help, and those who want to march out. The agents must combat group dissension, starvation and hypothermia, and form a rescue plan, while the wisp plays with their minds…

* A foggy coastal island town is haunted by glowing lights. There has been an accidental drowning of a young child who wandered too close to the shore and other children are deeply fearful of venturing close to the dock at night, claiming the bright monster will eat them. The town relies on nighttime shipments for its economy, but a rash of accidents near the dock threatens the town’s economy. Rumors of strange voices and colored lights terrify the believers. The mayor makes a desperate call to the Hoffmann Institute.

* Reports are received by the Hoffmann Institute of a scary, ghost-ridden cemetery (military or civilian) in Florida or other swampy location. Some of the headstones and mausoleums have sunk into the ground. The gravedigger and cemetery workers are found as well, having sunk and asphyxiated in the swamp ground near the cemetery. Upon arrival, the agents chase “ghosts”, and some end up trapped in the marsh’s mud, sinking to an untimely death, unless fellow agents can rescue them.

* A luciferan has unleashed a will o’ the wisp to wander an African countryside, to feed on the suffering of others caused by a civil war. In the battles, the wisp feigns enemy torchlight and troop voices, savoring the ensuing chaos and conflict. Also, the wisp lures unsuspecting soldiers into minefields, feeding off their terror and pain from accidental explosions. Agents are brought into the fold when Hoffmann operatives discover the collected electrical energy of the wisp is being used by the luciferan to open a Doorway underneath the African plains.

* A cult of Satanists haunt a remote town in the southeastern U.S. They summon the wisp to lure unsuspecting wanderers to their sacrificial circles. Here the torture and terror experienced by the victims feeds the pulsating lights, which the cultists have come to believe is the servant of the devil himself. An escaped victim relates the story to the Hoffmann Institute, [“the hair of the Satanists was standing on end like static electricity”] and the agents are sent to investigate.

* A group of hand-selected individuals is placed on a remote Caribbean island and told to “survive”. The daily activities of these survivors are carried on national television, and it is a contest to see who can outlast the others. However, after the first few episodes, high strangeness begins to occur. Starting with the appearance of mysterious lights and ghostly voices, and then followed by close calls with death, alligator attacks, cases of mistaken identity and just plain freakiness, this #1 TV show is temporarily cancelled. Hoffmann operatives are called in to salvage the network’s investment in the show, and to make it safe for high ratings to continue.

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