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Psionic power - Shadow Walk - by J.W. Landry


FX: Shadow-Walk by TerroX (printer friendly)


Broad Skill: Psychoportation
Cost: 3

This skill enables the psi to enter one shadow and emerge from another within the range of the
power. As long as the shadow is large enough for the character to be completely immersed in
it, the power will function.

The range of the power is 50/75/100 meters.

Rank Benefits

At level 4, the range increases to 100/150/200 meters. At level 8, the range increases to
200/300/400 meters. At level 12, the range increases to 1000/1500/2000 meters. In addition,
starting at level 6, the psi may take up to 20 kgs per level with him into the shadow.

This is mostly designed for those sneaky contacts and enemies that the player characters might
face in a Dark*Matter campaign. The MIB listing in the book requires Arcane FX to pull this
off, but I believe a psionic discipline is more in keeping with the tone of these agents and rogue
psis. Note that this skill is more limited than Teleportation but also much less expensive.

J.W. Landry

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