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Battle Gauntlets

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Grey_Knight
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 85/100 - 9 comments - 1725 Downloads

Well, here they are as i promised.And, just keep in mind, there is no standard battle gauntlet-you can put whatever you want in. I've updated it, fixed a few typos, and added a few common gauntlet configurations.

Updated. Added the a few references, and it's in .rtf so you can't catch a virus now!

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User comments [9]

Battle Gauntlets

, rating: 86 September 13, 2001

Great ideas. Couple comments to make.

You neglected to mention the Availability of the gauntlets themselves.

Projectile weapons don't seem to be a really good fit for a gauntlet weapon. I have to reasons for this statement. 1) The longer the barrel, the better the range, and the accuracy. A gauntlet really isn't long enough to fit a barrel long enough to fire bullets accurately or far. A range of 300 meters is still too long. At best, SMG ranges could be achieved. 2) Ammunition capacity. Laser weapons rely on chemical mass that is technically deformable. Projectiles are not. Having a clip sticking out the side of a gauntlet could get in the way, but it's difficult to get a reliable feeding mechanism otherwise.

Moving away from nitpicking, the other two options, defensive/utility equipment are pretty cool. The defensive equipment isn't terribly creative or effective, but it does have use. Perhaps a control unit for a shield equipped with an anti-grav unit. Fits well with the Knight equipment set. Use a 20kg metal shield without the weight! Wherever the back the of the gauntlet faces, that's where the shield is.

As for the utility equipment, good thinking. I never would have thought about putting utility stuff in a battle gauntlet. The self-propelled grapple is nifty.

I also like the semi-modular way it's done.

All accounted for, I think it's a pretty damn creative way to carry the same weapons in different ways. Aside from the technical details, I like it.

Battle Gauntlets

, rating: - September 14, 2001

Thx Thenlar. I thought about those metal shields, but they'd had to be retractable or sth, and possibly be small cerametal shields; parry with Armor Op-combat. As for that thing about projectiles-i never really thought of it; but hey, smg range with a 6mm autorifle is good... thx for the info, next update's gonna have these. As for the feeding mechanism, why would it have to be like that-apart from the bullets-strapped-together-like-machinegun-ammo which are possibly hidden inside, why would it have a clip OUTSIDE (caps make up for lack of bolds-i like to give emphasis). Never said i know much about it, just some of my weird logic :)

Actually, utility equipment is for those who just dont want a weapon that can strap on their hands. Such gauntlets give you adequate protection with weapons and/or defenses, and you can use other stuff as well...pretending to carry a battle gauntlet full of computer and sensor stuff... and at the right moment, fire a heavy flamer or smg... As for semi-modular ways, always liked'em.

Another thought about projectiles: Since systems are installed in a gauntlet and cant be really taken out apart from the occasional jurryrigging, maybe the barrel could run the length of the gauntlet... Also, you might do another thing: hidden option with normal ranges halved for SMG and maybe autorifle turn 15/40/100, or non-hidden for normal. (autorifle's range is gonna be reduced of course, say, 40/80/150 or 200).

Another thing... Knightware, you said? quite cool... maybe a flame or power sword on one hand, and a small gauntlet with shields, a laser and maybe some utilities... pretty cool combination. Maybe i'll put two more common gauntlets: Knight Attack Gauntlet and Knight Defense gauntlet.

Availability? oh yes missed it. i'll put it next update.

P.S.:Sorry about the long post!

Battle Gauntlets

, rating: 90 December 17, 2001

About you saying that the gauntlet would not be long enough...
Do you know what a rail gun is? It is only about the size of a regular rifle, and can fire rails up to 4 km/s. These already exist! Considering the technology of the future (minus the small size) and the electromagnetic power, the gauntlets could easily match the power of a gun.

Battle Gauntlets

, rating: - December 22, 2001

Rail Gun? Never read or seen anything about it in THIS age. Rail guns fire small pieces of metal at EXTREME velocities, using special electromagnets (I think). Apart from the Railgun in the Alternity Heavy weapons & Spaceship weapons, I've seen railguns in Fallout and X-Com 2: TFTD (in both games they were called gauss guns), Unreal Tournament, Quake, and many more games I cant remember.
I dont know if you mean something like Nailguns. These already exist (used in building). But, odds are 99% you're speaking about Rail guns. Some clarification can come in handy, especially if you have any materials on actual railguns.

Battle Gauntlets

, rating: 65 December 31, 2001


I was downloading the file, and my anit-virus software stopped the download because it said the file was infected. I use AVG software, and it doesn't give virus specifics.

Battle Gauntlets

, rating: - December 31, 2001

Yes, I got an e-mail about it. I checked my file and it is perfectly clean. Seems strange, but I surely believe that you put 65 without even seeing it... To rate something you must have at least partial knowledge about it. Finally, I have checked the file before AND after the last upload and found no virus. If anybody else encounters the same problem, please email me. I DO NOT wish to infect anybody.

Battle Gauntlets

, rating: 87 February 16, 2002

Very good stuf!Is big and i like it.
Next I want to say that with photos it will be more realistic.Very good ideas.
By Black Knight

P.S Make and some news projects

Battle Gauntlets

, rating: 93 June 07, 2002

Hi Saw the thing on rail guns.. with the right technology couldn't the acceleration length on a gauntlet be met by extending the rail gun launch field out from the gauntlet? Using a focussed grav tube.

Battle Gauntlets

, rating: 90 May 07, 2009

Cool stuff G_K! now I need to decide who makes them in my game so I can shamelessly incorporate them inot my campaign...

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