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Dniepr Munitions Bearclaw

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by uncle_jimbo
Setting : any Progress Level: 6
Rating: 71/100 - 6 comments - 711 Downloads

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User comments [6]

Dniepr Munitions Bearclaw

, rating: - July 28, 2000

Cool, chunky, heavy low-tech (in PL7 anyway) weapons of people destruction, that's what we wanna see in games. But only once :)

Dniepr Munitions Bearclaw

, rating: 70 August 04, 2000


Dniepr Munitions Bearclaw

, rating: 75 August 08, 2000

Devastating weapon, haven't had the chance of trying it out in a gaming session yet, but it looks good..

Dniepr Munitions Bearclaw

, rating: 60 October 06, 2000

i'm not sure a weapon like this is neccasry.good effort though.Bet it kills great!I would just like to see some more weapons for characters that are not heavy weapon specialists.Anyone notice that there is no regular shotgun with charge technology?There's only an auto shotgun!Let's see one of those!

Dniepr Munitions Bearclaw

, rating: - October 11, 2000

Pinnacle on Shotty> Sounds like a good idea, I might see if I can whip up a nice image for one, would you like to do the stats for it?

Dniepr Munitions Bearclaw

, rating: 80 October 14, 2000

Call me old-fashioned, but sometimes what you want in a weapon is a healthy dose of pure, unreasoning violence. Luvverly.

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