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VanTech Armaments VAR-301 Individual Combat Weapon

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Thenlar
Setting : any Progress Level: 7
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Decided to make my own ICW. It's a versatile weapon, excellent for a number of combat zones, but it excels in urban combat. Consists of two portions, an 11mm charge rifle, and a 25mm projectile launcher. Three projectiles are suggested.

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VanTech Armaments VAR-301 Individual Combat Weapon

, rating: 91 July 26, 2001

Very well thought out. I can see that some time went into this. I don’t have my PHB or S*D A&E in front of me right now so I can't check how the stats compare to any of the weapons in those. As long as access to one of these is controlled and/or the GM knows what he/she is getting into by putting one of these in the players hands then it looks to be a good weapon. One I will likely use, however my players will most likely have to pry the weapon from the dead hands of the guys that were just using it on them before they get to play with one muwhahahah

VanTech Armaments VAR-301 Individual Combat Weapon

, rating: 83 July 27, 2001

The tech that goes into this weapon is all PL 6. Maybe the PL 7 version has a fast-cycle laser as primary and a plasma cartridge as secondary? Or something. Makes sense that a future infantry weapon would have at least as many tactical options as today.

VanTech Armaments VAR-301 Individual Combat Weapon

, rating: - July 27, 2001

That's true that it is all PL 6 tech, you could probably use it in a PL 6 campaign too. But a thing to remember is that the older technology is tried-and-tested. For instance, the Concord Marines in Star*Drive have 11mm charge rifles as their standard infantry weapon. They use IF-3 rifles, which weigh 1kg less and have slightly better range than the stock PL 6 rifle. This could be considered along a similar vein. Slightly better range, with additional capabilities built in.

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