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New Explosives

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by apoc527
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This is what happens when I get bored...yes, these stats are rather more deadly (for the most part) than PHB or even S*D AEG stats. This is because I go for a certain effect, and the statistics that used to exist just didn't give me that effect. I kept some of the weapons the same, but only if they were sufficiently deadly as is.

And well, I couldn't avoid adding some new fun toys. Thus the nuclear and matter warheads for bantams. Oh, and the mini grav-missiles. For those who don't use Warships, anything with Light firepower, I guess would do "Amazing Plus" damage. Hehehehe.

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User comments [6]

New Explosives

, rating: 90 January 23, 2005

Destructive indeed! The next step is to construct countemessures against these weapons.

Very Nice!

New Explosives

, rating: 95 January 23, 2005

EXCELLENT! This will be an interesting addition to my arsenal. Good job, MindX.

New Explosives

, rating: - January 23, 2005

Yep, in fact I'm working on the "Advanced Rules" right now. Essentially, I'm going to make a system based on the Warships missile construction system. This will include countermeasures and rules for shooting down missiles in flight (not an easy task, but that's what automated point defense lasers are for!).

Won't be done for a while, but keep your eye's peeled. This system will range from the smallest "smart grenade" up to what are effectively light starship missiles.

New Explosives

, rating: 88 January 23, 2005

Very useful extension to anti-vehicle weapons. I could use a better resource for demolitions as well.

New Explosives

, rating: - April 03, 2005

Very good to have when your character prefers explosives.
Didn't like the grav launcher, as the heating on a projectile going that fast will be immense in atmosphere. I think you'd have to have special direct fire rounds for it, while the launcher in a "guided" mode would just give the missle an extra kick as it leaves the launch rail (or help hide the launch site)

New Explosives

, rating: 95 April 03, 2005

Nix comments in last post, didn't read carefully enough
Excellent work!

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