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Botuu's Weapon Emporium

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Botuu
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 80/100 - 6 comments - 1018 Downloads

These are two weapons that I designed for use in my Star*Drive campaign, which is centered on a Concord Marine Special OPs team. These are military grade weapons and should be kept out of the hands of non-military personnel!

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Botuu's Weapon Emporium

, rating: 80 March 09, 2001

Very nice work - highly adaptable weapons, something my players are craving, though they won't get their hands on these two ;-)

Botuu's Weapon Emporium

, rating: 80 March 09, 2001

Good weapons with nice descriptions.

Thus they are TOO good, my players will probaly see them from the wrong side of barrel ;)

Botuu's Weapon Emporium

, rating: 78 March 10, 2001

Some pretty lethal combinations there. It makes sense that the 24th C's military weapons should be at least as versatile as the late 20th.

That 6mm is an odd calibre, is it from the S*D Arms and Equipment Guide?

Botuu's Weapon Emporium

, rating: 80 March 10, 2001

A nice pair of shooters, here. Y'know, if the CR-1's flame is self-oxidising it should ignite quite happily in a vacuum. Of course, given the way liquids and aerosols behave in vacuum the results would be spectacularly random, but someone just HAS to let them try it!

Botuu's Weapon Emporium

, rating: - March 10, 2001

Yes, the 6mm round is first presented in the Star*Drive AEG. It is the calibre used for another auto-rifle, the ARZ charge autorifle.

When I was in the U.S. Army I was the grenadier for my platoon. I carried the M-16 with the M-203 grenade launcher. When I designed these weapons I was thinking back to those days and remembering the kind of firepower that I wielded. I also will admit to some inspiration from the weapons used by the "Wild Cards" in Space, Above and Beyond and the rifles used by the Mobile Infantry in Starship Troopers.

My son is now in the Army and they have been testing the next generation of infantry weapons. A combat rifle with an underbarrel 20mm gun that can fire slugs or grenades. I thought these two weapons build on the research being done here in the late Information Age.

Your comments are very welcome. Thanks

Botuu's Weapon Emporium

, rating: 82 March 10, 2001

cool to see guns by people who have actually used them in real life.
I like how you did the long range category as being quite a step up from medium range, there was a discussion about that long ago.

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