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Mech War

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by strider1
Setting : any Progress Level: 7
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PL 7/8 Mech War stuff. Hope you like. Let me know.
patrickrizer243 at hotmail

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Mech War

, rating: 93 December 20, 2002

I think he's done a good job with the rules. I'd use it in a Non-Mech oriented Game, whereas Mech aren't the driving force, but just a item.

The reason I didn't give it a Hundred is two fold.

First, I think the rules are a little too simple at times. While I do think you shouldn't spend an hour rolling dice, just to roll a D5,000,000 to determine what you divid it by, I think a few more options could've been added. Like upgrading Sensors and integrating weapons(Like a gun in the chest, for instance), or an Escape Function(Ejection Seat?).

Second, it's too simple for campaigns that revolve around Mechs. As I said above, while it's good for campaigns which use Mech as, say, another type of Tank, for example, or just another way to wage war, if a Campaign is gonna be Mech heavy, they're too simple. For a Campaign that heavy, I'd suggest something akin to building a ship.

All in all, Good Supplement, just too simple at times. But then again, very rarely will a supplement be perfect for all levels of play. So, for what it's made for, it's perfect. But if your looking for Mech Heavy Campaigns, I'd suggest something a bit more indepth and customizable.

Mech War

, rating: 90 December 22, 2002

Gotta agree with Igtenio on this one. Just too simple for any game that heavily relies on mechs. On the opposite end of the spectrum is GURPS Mecha, heh. WAAAY too much detail.

Someone's going to kill me for saying this, but try looking at d20 Modern: Mecha Crusade. It was a Polyhedron issue, I believe. It's complex enough to catch different details, but not so complex it has you calculating Surface Area and doing long division.

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