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for Alternity 1998
Submitted by roguemorgan
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 80/100 - 4 comments - 788 Downloads

If you like it, use it. It's as simple as that. ;^)

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User comments [4]


, rating: 76 January 01, 2001

Hey, cool deckplan!


, rating: 75 January 02, 2001

It's a tough little critter - pretty fast as well. It would work almost as well in a non-breathable atmosphere - just blister out a section at the back to install an airlock.

Anything useful on the roof, seeing that the main hatch for the driver leads there? Maybe a line-gun, or a sensor package that required a fair bit of fine-tuning? I really want to get some action happening on that flat roof.

Could you outfit the basic hull as a hovercraft, perhaps? In fact, given the speed values, I suspect it already is.


, rating: 85 January 27, 2001

Very impressive. Good concept and execution, and the deckplan was a nice bonus, too. If you've got any more like this, let's see 'em!


, rating: 85 May 13, 2002

Great design and layout. I haven't seen any real medical based vehicles in alternity, it's nice to see someone is thinking of the injured by-standerd :P
It's an ambulence basically. Which i like because it isn't decked out with all sorts of weapons and stuff. However, if you needed a more in-combat medical transport, adding some sort of small turreted weapon on top would do the job nicely, and some light armor, so you're not sacrificing a whole lot of speed for durability.
Overall, a good design, i would like to see more if you got it

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