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MGV Skybus

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by blacksunrunner
Setting : Homemade Progress Level: ?
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MGV Skybus

, rating: 96 May 14, 2014

Very nice renders and full information in the stat block. The military/security Sealion version looks useful.

MGV Skybus

, rating: - May 14, 2014

Images are very nicely done. You may want to consider adding some kind of light armor, such as polymeric, to the Skyhound, merely to allow it to operate at low orbit. I usually include such armor to serve as a heat shield and protective barrier beyond the air-tight configuration.
I would also recommend you consider giving the Sealion more durability points. As it is, it can only hold a heavy weapon, which isn't enough to make it an effective military craft. I would say it needs at least enough space to mount two heavy weapons, or at least a 25mm Charge Gun.

MGV Skybus

, rating: 98 May 15, 2014

Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

MGV Skybus

, rating: 81 May 17, 2014

Thank you.

MGV Skybus

, rating: - May 19, 2014

Cobalt_phoenix I did not envisage it as a front line attack vehicle but merely as a military transport. The Sea Lion has 2 spare durability points to mount an HMG or AA/AT/combo missile launcher as effective defence only. If you want an attack vehicle you need a tank. ;0) Alternatively armour the Flamingo version and you've got plenty of points for weaponry. Cheers guys :0)

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