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X-COM military vehicles

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by TerroX
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Controlled, Military and Restricted vehicles from the X-COM:Apocalypse computer game, these can be used for any city-based campaign.

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User comments [3]

X-COM military vehicles

, rating: - September 21, 2000

I like to use these because they have nice images. I plan to alter the stats later when I work out the balance a little better. X-COM vehicles can't have many weapons mounted on them, like 2 machine guns, or 1 heavy weapon being normal.

X-COM military vehicles

, rating: 68 September 25, 2000

Not rating it just yet, but still... It's fairly true to the X-Com universe (well, it has to be, direct conversion and all... *chuckle*) But I have to disagree with you, TerroX. If you remember, two weapons are the norm for X-Com vehichles, and if you look at the sheer amount of firepower you can fit into a simple MIG (of any variety), you will see that it is actually Alternity that is being unrealistic (I was very annoyed, and had to shuffle the rules to make Wing Commander Ships)

X-COM military vehicles

, rating: 78 January 27, 2001

A good assemblage of vehicles here (just love the idea of an ATV with polished chrome!). Could we get some stats for the Griffon?

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