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One of my all-time favorites are the Replicants from the movie Bladerunner. And so, here is my version of them, created to be used in my upcoming campaign setting. But can also be used in any other campaign setting with a high enough progress level, and correct moral views.
Some names have been changed because of copyrights.

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, rating: 70 February 06, 2001

Nice Job! A good introduction for those poor few souls
who haven´t seen Bladerunner yet. They are fine NSC
antagonists in a cyberpunk or other nearfuture setting.
Keep it up!


, rating: 77 February 07, 2001

Replicants are cool, but you MUST watch Bladerunner to use them. You MUST watch it like twice at least as well, there is alot of unsaid info on the 'human condition' and I am sure that if you haven't read the book or have someone explain the finer points you will miss alot. Guess who else is a replicant....


, rating: 85 February 25, 2001

Nice write up... thoughtful presentation, and good stuff! Thanks for your work on this.

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