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Random Alien Generation System

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Wakboth
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Rating: 92/100 - 5 comments - 1263 Downloads

A collection of tables intended to help GMs in generating alien species. Useful for Space Opera games, where you need lots of aliens NOW, or as a source of ideas for "harder" settings.

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User comments [5]

Random Alien Generation System

, rating: 86 February 14, 2003

Nice work Wakboth. It's actually pretty useful. I also got a few hilarious alien combinations but...all the better!

Random Alien Generation System

, rating: 98 February 14, 2003

This goes nicely with Dawn's random generator in Action Check. Nice work.

Random Alien Generation System

, rating: 86 March 15, 2003

seeing as the campaign I've created has about 15 races the players have already met and over 1,000 they haven't this is going to get USED! My thanks!

Random Alien Generation System

, rating: 95 July 25, 2003

Great work. Must have been a lot of work too. Thank you, this will save hours (weeks!!) of my precious gaming time.

Random Alien Generation System

, rating: 94 December 18, 2008

Very useful for a broadly varied starting point of biology and basic description to fill in with details and statistics as needed (and if generating a crowd of different species for quick background, they may not be).

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