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The Tig species is a star-spanning race which can be used in any way you see fit, but works best in a 'first encounter' campaign revolving around their strange alien society.

Inlcudes two examples of the species, a scientist and a warrior.

Tigs are a community focused species and are quite hard for humans to deal with as they see any injustices done to their fellow Tigs as personal insults toward themselves and the entire Tig species!

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User comments [12]


, rating: 85 August 10, 2000

Well thought out overall.

I like it that they actually have a reason to depend on each other and attempt to protect the good of everyone.

I bit a Tig funeral is spectacle for everyone to behold and fill sorrow in.


, rating: 85 August 11, 2000

Graphics are awesome and write up is good. Some more playability infos are missing I think.


, rating: - September 24, 2000

I will add some variants to them, young, mature, aged.
Also some more images of them wearing decorations.
Some images of typical equipment.
And maybe some animation.


, rating: 90 September 25, 2000

Tiggeeeeeeee! Oh mummy I want one; can I have one, can I?

Seriously, I'm very impressed with these. Their biology and sociology are well woven together, and they make me want to believe in them. If they were in a novel I'd buy it just for them. Well done.


, rating: 85 September 29, 2000



, rating: 77 October 06, 2000

Excellent artwork! probably the best fan artwork ever done for a roleplaying game.At least in the top ten anyways.....I like them but i think they may have a hard time in the human star systems becuase of the shape.


, rating: - October 19, 2000

Well they certainly look weird, but they are agile enough to get around fine. Think of a spider or feline, they look weird but can climb trees and run around without any problems, certainly better than humans. I guess I will have to illustrate my point :)


, rating: - November 04, 2000

Anyone consider coverting all the Star Frontiers alines to alternity? add pics if you do and a detailed background on each.I'd do it but i dont have any Star Frontiers resources.


, rating: - November 09, 2000

I do not have any Star Frontiers books either. But it would be a good idea, if they have very good physical desciptions I may be able to illustrate some. Maybe this discussion should go in the Species section of the Forum


, rating: - November 10, 2000

Mmh, great graphics Terrox ! I still have to read the new stuff though :)

I will add the possibility to update ratings soon..


, rating: 90 January 08, 2001

An Alien that really looks Alien, not the standard Bipedal Star Trek Alien. Very creative Species info as well. I enjoy all the work that is posted excellent rescource.


, rating: - August 06, 2004

If I didn't make this clear anywhere else, the average member of this species is classified as "Good", it is a very high-powered species compared to humans and would be used as the main protagonists in a campaign (they were in my campaign) or maybe in high-level campaigns as Extras. These are too overpowered for low level Heroes, I did that on purpose.

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