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Did you ever wonder where all the non-humanoid species are? It is our belief that races generally tend to socialize with and/or compete with creatures that have a similar physiology and/or psychology to themselves.

To put it bluntly - anything too different from ourselves is just too alien to comprehend.

This race while not quite there is close enough to keep them considered outsiders probably indefinitely.

Dr. Meira Griffith
Xenobiologist Concord Survey Service

Updated 8 OCT 00

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User comments [6]


, rating: 95 October 31, 2000

Fantastic stuff, Dwayne. I like the trilateral symmetry of the species; are the dominant large lifeforms on the planet all like this, or are the Ul-Slandri from a rare group?

They seem eminently playable, too. Good proof of how a strange-looking species can be easier to play than it looks.


, rating: - November 03, 2000

not bad


, rating: 82 November 05, 2000

Although they seem playable I'm missing some things in this resource..

"The round pistols favored by them actually seems to increase its damage the farther they go." ? Tell us more! Gravidic rail gun ?

Adding this kind of information in your resource makes it more complete I think. If you ask me, this calls for an update! I really like them otherwise, nice work!


, rating: - November 08, 2000

Hope the update answers questions about the UL-Slandri.



, rating: - November 09, 2000

sure does :)


, rating: 75 November 27, 2000

We can all re-rate now, so I am increasing my rating accordinly. If I playtest things and they do not work well I will have to reduce the ratings though (that is a general comment about all resources, not just this one)

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