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Face Dancers

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by d_leonard
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The Face Dancers were originally created for a science fiction setting, but they could make a very nasty enemy in a Dark Matter setting.

"We are becoming.....You"
Face Dancer Saying

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User comments [5]

Face Dancers

, rating: 84 June 19, 2001

Great writing, especially the introduction. It brings out the weirdness of the species (not to mention the way survey captains get a little strange, to dismiss the incident with such a brief comment).

Some mechanics for the Body Alteration abilities would help. What is Invisibility? Are the abilities FX-based or biological?

Face Dancers

, rating: - June 19, 2001

About their Body Alteration abilities. This is the same ability as the Super Heroic FX of the same ame in the FX Beyond Science book.

I appreciate the comments.


Face Dancers

, rating: 85 July 27, 2001

Very intriging Idea. I like the specialization to a specific race. I would add that when a Face-Dancer does sucessfully install gear, the gear would need to make a 'roll' of some kind or become inoperative or make some gear completely off limits (cf skinweave, exoskeleton, etc, or SEVERELY limit shapeshifting when gear is installed.

Not owning the FX guild and these drawbacks may already be listed somewhere else.

Maybe the fact that they pick a species requires body fluid injections from other species (fits w/ artificial origin idea). Seems that they need 'some' of there powers as a race matched with some type of drawback(s). But maybe not. Were you inteading this to be a player race? In their present form, Face Dancers would be a pretty powerful player character race.

Face Dancers

, rating: 70 August 29, 2001

I dont really like the name, but its good otherwise.

Face Dancers

, rating: 85 December 21, 2002

Good idea to use the Face Dancers from Dune. Didn't see too much of them in the movies, but they are bad nonetheless.

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