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Submitted by DrShocter
Setting : Homemade Technological Era: 8
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Playable species for my campaign setting. Nothing has been tested in play as of posting this. I welcome feedback of all kinds, but especially feedback regarding the rules related to each. I'm interested to hear opinions on how these affect game play, combine with other rules to impact flow of fun at the table, and whether anything seems redundant or unplayable. The fluff may not be well written because it is primarily aimed at my own group and I haven't written a thorough setting background to share here. That said, if you have some notes about the fluff, please share them with me. I appreciate your time reading the resource and posting your comments. I look forward to revising this after getting feedback and playing some of these at my table.

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, rating: 87 April 15, 2019

Really interesting additions. Fluahua and the many connections between worlds particularly bring out the different conception of the setting.

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