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Intelligent Plants

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by uncle_jimbo
Setting : Gamma World Progress Level: 4
Rating: 86/100 - 6 comments - 1017 Downloads

Here's my take on Intelligent Plants - I've written them up as creatures to be encountered, but the potential for use as Heroes is there.

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User comments [6]

Intelligent Plants

, rating: 95 August 13, 2000

Love the intelligent plants. What kind of world are you running, these things are great.

Intelligent Plants

, rating: 80 August 20, 2000

Pretty cool, full of detail. Treants are really boring now.

Intelligent Plants

, rating: - September 23, 2000

D_leonard: Just saw a bit of a gap for GW/Alternity. I haven't tried to bring these into my own campaigns - too conspicuous for Dark Matter, and too silly for PL 6 hard SF/horror.

Intelligent Plants

, rating: 80 September 25, 2000

very nice, these. They capture the bizarre nature of the GW setting perfectly.

Intelligent Plants

, rating: 89 October 06, 2000

GOOD STUFF! I love having intelligent plants in campaigns.I would particularly like to see a plant symbiote done with those psuedopodia powers that Venom of Spiderman fame has.I think a player race of plantmen would interesting in Stardrive too.Maybe you could do one?

Intelligent Plants

, rating: - July 15, 2008

finally fixed the update system. Now shows properly.

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