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Cyber Demons

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by TerroX
Setting : Dark Matter Progress Level: 5
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As human society became more entrenched in technology and the digital world, certain malevolent beings from the nether regions evolved to reflect the new tech-reliant reality. These cyber demons integrated the use of technology into their diabolical manipulations of humanity and reality. Eventually many of these demons melded with the technology to become truly cyber in nature. There are a wide variety of cyber demons, differing in their methods and use of tech. Some of these demons travel the grid, playing upon the vices of those who use the digital world to feed their dark impulses. Other demons revel in the negative side of industrial development, finding easy prey in the urban squalor created from industrial growth and subsequent economic crash.

Originally posted on the Dark Matter portal, author unknown

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Cyber Demons

, rating: - July 06, 2004

Author is me. Can also be found in an Action Check issue with pictures.
Plug, plug.

Daryl B.

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