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Fleet Carrier

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Darthwho
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Rating: 72/100 - 2 comments - 996 Downloads

This Carrier and it's fighters were created using a modified version of the warshipworksheet from this website. I would like to thank the author for his creation. To everyone else please rate the carrier.

After ikkerman's comments I have made a few modifications

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User comments [2]

Fleet Carrier

, rating: 65 January 02, 2004

I think you need to retink this concept. dedicating 480hp to weapons (25% total) is, I think, somewhat excessive on a craft which uses small, guided missiles (the fighter and bomber squads) as it's attack weapon. Only PL8 weapons may be banked. Having only single for each sensor type is also on the low side... you can launch 100 figthers in the first round, but if you can't keep track of 'em, you'll start losing them pretty quick. also, the whole ship is incredibly overpowered... it's not verry likely you'll need to be able to shoot all you guns at once.
Finally, letting your figters buzz around with only an passive sensor system only increases the need for you mothership to have plenty of active sensor systems to support them...
all in all not a bad beginning, but it does still need work

Fleet Carrier

, rating: 78 September 22, 2012

Good effort to take on a ship of this size and significance.

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