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This is the nautilus commanded by cpt. Nemo. I designed it for a homemade campaign in which I use popular fictional characters as heroes (Wolverine, Andy McNab etc.). This ship is not meant to stand up to an assault. It lies in wait using it's passive sensors to search and detect. When it finds what my heroes are looking for it can use "shock and Awe" to win the day. It's fast enough to get out of most situations it can't shoot it's way out, and if not, it looses a volley of missiles, deploys its decoy drone and runns like a yellow rabbit.
PLease tell me what you think

Oh yeah, my thanks to DHL for supplying me with all the tables I needed to create my own excel sheet. Great work dude

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, rating: 87 January 03, 2004

It's not bad for a stealthy observation vessel with a limited surprise-attack capability using its missiles. I don't see the resemblance to Nemo's Nautilus, which was a particularly dangerous ram-based ship-killing vessel.

Am I reading the crew quarters right - crew of 20, with quarters for 8?


, rating: 70 January 03, 2004

uncle_jimbo's comments on the non-resemblance to Nemo's naughty is spot on. But please forgive my rating, which is based more on presentation, as I am more a story guy, than a technical one.

Most important of all, I just want to applaud your effort amongst so many, who have pulled in real-world favourites we love, and tried to fit them into beloved Alternity.

This one really caught my attention at this time, and made me want to deliver an accolade to one and all. I probably cannot congratulate all in one go, but this is a start. Thanks again!


, rating: - January 05, 2004

It,s not a finished project yet, and I must admit I've never read the story of Nemo and his 20000 leages... but Ramming with a spaceship can not be a good idea. Mayby including a couple of Heavy Missiles in the ord cell array will do the trick
There is room for 6 crew and two passangers, not many when you look at the size of the ship, but The group won't be all that big

The crew complement is:
Cpt. Nemo
First mate- Chewbacca
Medical/ research- Marie Curie
Computer nerd- Johnny MnMonic
Security/ Fighter- Wolverine

Any more Idears???


, rating: 78 January 05, 2004

isn't their a device for ramming in the starships suppliment if I remember correctly. maybe you could incoporate that into your design.

the whole purpose behind the nautilus was to make the ships that where being pirated belive they where being attacked by a sea creature. just in case you wanted the jist of the story 20,000 leagues under the sea.


, rating: - January 29, 2004

Maybe a powerful centrally-mounted projectile weapon like a heavy mass cannon or high-velocity railgun, making the wreckage look like an unfortunate asteroid strike, would match the fictional 'Nautilus'.


, rating: - November 15, 2013

perhaps a large bore magnetic railgun shooting actual nickel-iron asteroids would fit, uncle_jimbo?


, rating: - November 16, 2013

Sounds good. It would just need some idea of the effects.

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