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New Dreanought - updated!

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by DLH002
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
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Ok it should be fixed for good this time. I fixed all of the corrections again and I think I found everything. I removed most of the point defense guns to replace them and the current plasma cannons with double barrel mod. plasma cannons. accelerators where removed. the sensors where doubled up on. I alloted some of the plasma cannons for the zero arc. I feel that the missles should suffice for those who survive getting that close.

Personally I disagree with having a zero arc all together. The only zero arc for any weapon is what is inside the lenth of it's barrel. that and I don't think I would want to fire a weapon with the firepower of a fusion bomb going off that close to my ship anyway.

Anyway once again comments are always welcome and please rate the new design.

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User comments [5]

New Dreanought - updated!

, rating: 90 November 27, 2003

Not being too familiar with Warships, I'm not sure what my opinion is worth, but here it is anyway.
I was impressed by its functionality as an offensive and defensive force. The inclusion of several different types of vessels gives it a wide range of abilities to handle a wide range of missions. I feel this is important for a vessel that may find itself alone in a threatening position or wishes to engage in non-combat operations. Military forces often find themselves in "police actions" and such where having the ultimate weapon is pretty useless. I think you put a lot of thought into this for "just messing around". Good stuff.

New Dreanought - updated!

, rating: 95 December 05, 2003

First off - I love the name! Bismarck II... classic. Very nice.
Now, on to the actual ship... glancing over it briefly, it seems to be, as Kzinwarrior said, a very versatile ship.
Hangars: Not a bad capacity, considering it's not a carrier. Sure to come in handy for scouting missions.
Cargo: Although personally I would find little use for cargo facilities - and never at that amount - combined with the fabrication facility, it could be very effective.
Support Systems: These look more than effective for a ship of this stature.
Comms: A good range - basically covering every available communications spectrum, though the laser transcievers will probably find less use.
Weapons: Ah, simply beautiful. A nice collection, and the many turret mounts definitely optimise the efficiency. Though personally, for a vessel named after the great Bismarck, I would've added, at the very least, one accelerator - after all, it's a classic representative of the original ship.
Command: A flag bridge, good idea, but I still would have added a backup command deck - just in case. ;)
Other Stuff: A nice sensor suite (CE Passive Arrays are very nice with the computer support), a VERY nice computer suite, effective-yet-varied defenses (maybe an ablative shield would've come in handy), a bunch of plasma torpedos (my favourite flavour), and a whole lotta ordnance cell arrays... beautiful.
Overall, I gotta say this new Bismarck is a nice piece of craftsmanship - good job, mon ami! It's given me an idea... a fleet battle - led by the Hood II versus the Bismarck II. Should be good fun. :P

New Dreanought - updated!

, rating: - December 11, 2003

the cargo bays are also where spare ordinace is stored since there is no magazine as an option in the worksheet. (though not all of it has to be used this way)

New Dreanought - updated!

, rating: 75 December 14, 2003

Ok...after taking a look at the medical ship, I took a closer look at this one. I'd like to say that this ship's got a lot of meat to it. I'd lose all the attack computer first off. They are meant for fighters, not capital ships. I went through your weapons list and found that you need 27 fire control computers, not 32 fire control computers or 73 attack computers. You've got some major space left over. Also, why 8 RF Spikes? They were great for PL6 but for PL7, I think you're better off nixing them. Also, after each one is shot off, you have to have someone physically go out and rebuild the darn thing. I would also increase the command decks from 1 to 2 or even 3 and do the same for the flag bridge. However, all this is nothing compared to the problem of the particle screens. There is a very annoying bug in this sheet that doesn't calculate the power that defensive equipment requires. On the sheet, your particle screen of 640 hull points only requires 3 power points...which is wrong. Infact, your particle screen requires 1920 EXTRA power points to power up and when I calculated this with current power usage, it leaves you 1908 short of powering up this item. :o( I would cut your hanger points down considerably to make up for the power shortage.

Anyway, it's nice to at least see someone trying to make ships of this size...I never really bother to make capital ships as they'll never see any action in the games I play. :o(

New Dreanought - updated!

, rating: 75 December 29, 2003

First off I like the overall design, tough, flexible, and packs a hell of a lot of firepower. Most of the changes i'd make look like typos or problems with that excel sheet.

Hangers: At the bottom where you listed carried craft, you listed 2 corvettes as 80 hull points. Each corvette is 80 hull, so this probably needs to be either 1 corvette, or 2 escorts.

Defences: The power requirement on the particle screen is still wrong. Aside from the damage control systems, Power requirement for defences is "per unit" not "per hull". This ship needs 320 units to keep the shield active, each unit requires 2 hull and 3 power, which comes out to 640 hull, 960 power. Also, the other defences (chaff, jammer, stardrive scrambler) need to be set for the right number of units each, and power requirements.

Weapons: The biggest thing I noticed is the weapon arcs here. You have a large number of weapons and most of them are in turrets, but the zero-port and zero-starboard (same hex as the ship) arcs are completly ignored. This means if another ship got into such close range, everything except the Bismark's missile systems would be useless. Another heavy-superheavy ship that won edge rolls, or any smaller vessel could potentially exploit this while retaining use of their own primary weapons (when you move into an enemies hex, you chose which zero-arc of their's you are in, and can choose any of your own firing arcs to face the enemy).
On another note, you might want to replace the Accelerators with about half as many Heavy Accelerators. Accelerator firing size 2 warheads really can't compare to the matter beams you already have, and the extra punch of size 4 warheads is probably worth it, especially since you have limited number of shots (due to no magazine space)

Crew: If you read the descriptions in the Warships suplement, Recyclers and Hydroponics bays have basically the same effect on crew stores consumption, but Hydroponics bays require more hull space. Switching to all recyclers saves you some space on crew supplies.

Other Stuff: I would look at making the smaller important systems redundant as needed. A second computer core keeps the Bismark from losing all computer bonuses. A second fabrication facility keeps you able to repair mortal damage in space. Doubling up on some of the targeting sensors wouldn't hurt (two completly separate arrays of each). You don't really need 32 each of Sensor control and nav control computers. 7 Sensor Control covers each of your sensor array types, and 1 Nav control (maybe 2 to be safe) is enough for the whole ship.

My last thought on design is that serving as the centerpeice of a fleet, giving the ship Drive Detection/Communication systems wouldn't be essential for an admiral to communicate with other fleets and bases, courier ships really can't compare.

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