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Combat Corvete

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by DLH002
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 85/100 - 1 comment - 763 Downloads

A Capable Combat corvette for police duty in advanced systems. Fast and manuverable (4 manuverability points paired with a stabalizer)and capable of dealing a lot of damage (2 ordinance cells and 2 particle beam turrets) allowing her to serve multiple rolls including if need be mine layer.

overall she is a capable combat vessel and should serve whoever captains her well.

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User comments [1]

Combat Corvete

, rating: 85 December 29, 2003

Good to see that you corrected the power issue with the defensive items. I wish I could figure out why it doesn't generate the proper figure. I only found a few things wrong here. The first was the most obvious and it was your Ord. Cell Arrays. You picked them but forgot to add the 1 next to each one, so while they show up, they don't figure into the hull points of ship. The second issue was the Stardrive. It wasn't set to the 5% of the hull points of the ship. Again, you choose the stardrive but forgot to put the 1 next to the 3+ bit. When you fix all this, you'll unfortunately find that your ship hasn't got enough hull points. The easiest way to fix is to remove the Hi/Res, the EM Det., the attack computer, and change the 2 crew quarters to 1 crew bunkroom. Then you'll end up just under the hull point allotment for this hull size. Overall a really nasty ship that could easily destroy any pirate vessel it finds.

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