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A fortress ship

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by DLH002
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 71/100 - 3 comments - 927 Downloads

Unlike most fortress ships the War king was built strictly to function as a warship therefore it eliminates most non essential equipment in favor for raw firepower. theoretically it could destroy another fortress ship in just a few rounds (maybe even one if you where really lucky)

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User comments [3]

A fortress ship

, rating: 88 December 13, 2003

it is worth it just for the excel sheet! handy dandy

A fortress ship

, rating: 75 December 14, 2003

Again bitten by the power usage bug from all the defensive equipment...sigh...I TRULY hate that bug as it messes up everyones ship. Also, drop the attack computers and lower your fire control computers to 22 as that's all you need. I have an updated version of this excel sheet and one day I'll get around to posting it...I just have to find the untouched version that has Peter's email at the bottom. My version has more items added (like magazines and GDS weapon systems from Starships!) but I can't figure out how to add more slot boxes for all the categories.

A fortress ship

, rating: 50 December 13, 2010

Nice excel sheet, of course.
If the goal of the design is to design an "Uber-ship", well then ... it's on it's way. But further, if you're trying to create that perfect "one shot, one kill" machine, ... um ... doesn't that kinda go against fair roleplay practices? As far as I know, that would shorten gameplay by a LOT. And therefore, would diminish, not heighten, the sense of both immersion and accomplishment. At this point, I'm mostly undecided; that's why the midline rating.

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