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Kreen- Hunter/ Killer

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by bri_aitsya
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 96/100 - 3 comments - 910 Downloads

A military-grade, escort class ship designed using Starships/ GMG. Interested in back story? Check out's TVN report "Thorn Shipyards announces new escort-class vessel". ;^)Print & go, complete with deckplans, Bryce renders by mig_nova, and durability boxes. UPDATED 01/31/2003

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User comments [3]

Kreen- Hunter/ Killer

, rating: - February 07, 2003

Any feedback?

Kreen- Hunter/ Killer

, rating: 96 February 10, 2003

Spiffy. I really like the pictures too, that helps add to the 'realism' of the ship.

Kreen- Hunter/ Killer

, rating: - February 17, 2003

Thanks, lordkrath. I cannot take credit for the pics, mig_nova did those at my behest. The stats & design is my own.

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