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Warships Designs

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Jeff_Ibach
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 89/100 - 5 comments - 4514 Downloads

Action Check published these designs by Matt Johnson made with the Warships supplement from WotC.

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User comments [5]

Warships Designs

, rating: 90 January 27, 2001

An extremely useful assemblage a vessels here, and a good companion to the Warships volume. I think these help to illustrate some of the points in the Warships accessory. Very helpful.

Warships Designs

, rating: 95 February 21, 2001

This one saves a GM in a hurry a lot of work, as it needs some time to create the bigger ships from scratch (and I know what I speak of...).

Warships Designs

, rating: 85 June 07, 2008

Helpful in getting a feel for the forces the verge has available.

Warships Designs

, rating: 90 November 20, 2008

Obviously some time and effort went into this product. What disappointed me, however, was a lack of "fluff." I was hoping to read more on the history of each ship and, once I knew that they were all part of the same battlegroup, the history of the battlegroup.

Overall, this product was outstanding and I'm thankful it is here.

Warships Designs

, rating: 85 January 19, 2018

The only improvement could have been diagrams for those of us that cannot take stats and convert to pictures in our minds :-)

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