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Multiphasic Shielding Technology

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Decker
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Here is a new rule/spaceship module I created to simulate energy shield Star trek/star wars like.

The rule hasn't been playtested yet so any comment are welcome.

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User comments [2]

Multiphasic Shielding Technology

, rating: 80 November 16, 2001

What about hull/shield toughness? Does a heavy weapon fired from an SD do the same amount of damage as the light plasma fired from a corvette? Where are the 'missing' PF going, what is using them each round? Personally I think that this is more of a PL9 system then a PL8. You have done a lot of work on it and I think it has a lot merit, but it still needs a little more work. Also even in Star Trek the ships were shaken around pretty good and some times damage got through even before the shields went down. I would leave secondary damage in but maybe reduce it a level (a primary hit for 8m has normal secondary of 4w, make it 4s with the MPS).

Multiphasic Shielding Technology

, rating: 65 November 20, 2001

Hmm, I like the concept. It seems to be the type of armor developed later in Trek where it was a secondary armor that grows over the ship, but I've got alot of questions. Like what are tha starships/warships stats for the generator? How many hull points does one generator take up? How much power does it use? Why does it drain power when it gets hit? How many hull points does each generator cover? There's promise here, but it needs alot of clarification and formating to starships and warships standards.

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