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Legend Breaker

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by d_leonard
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
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This is one of the exploratory ships used by the Keller Sciences Institute. While not the fastest ship in their fleet it's very suited to the purpose they have put it. Because of it's large cargo bay and cryogenics this ship is ideal for exploration and archaelogical purposes.

Sheila Manning
Public Relations KSI

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User comments [5]

Legend Breaker

, rating: 70 October 22, 2000

A cool ship, is it made using the exact GMG rules or Starships rules?

Legend Breaker

, rating: - October 22, 2000

Terro X,

I think the only thing I used out of the starship supplement is the Armor. Since I posted its attributes with the ship, that shouldn't be a problem.

Legend Breaker

, rating: 80 October 31, 2000

A good ship, there. It's nice to see a science vessel as our starships debutante, too!

Legend Breaker

, rating: 86 November 28, 2000

Very nice material indeed
I wish to thank you

Legend Breaker

, rating: 95 January 19, 2018

Love to see something besides warships for the game

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