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Last Warhulk Final version

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Vladimir
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 95/100 - 4 comments - 260 Downloads

This is my final attempt to perfect the warhulk for your viewing and playing pleasure. I created each deck one at a time and then merged them, tweaked what was off, and voila!

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User comments [4]

Last Warhulk Final version

, rating: 95 January 26, 2018

That looks great! The inclusion of the major through-deck sections and damage control bulkheads really helps to match it up to the deck plan. The thickened lines for the main hull is also a nice touch.

Last Warhulk Final version

, rating: 95 January 27, 2018

Lots of information in this version. The damage control bulkheads are a really nice touch and add some interesting and convincing points of design.

Last Warhulk Final version

, rating: 96 February 05, 2018

Vladimir your work is the best I've seen in a long time when stacking decks together. Thank you for sharing.

Last Warhulk Final version

, rating: - February 27, 2018

Hello Vladimir,

I want to thank you again for the Ares 22 Warhulk deck drawing.

I have been checking out Warships which is I believe written by the same author and decided to take a good look at the material provided on Ares 22 and I have some minor comments.

On the drawing is the information that the adventure has the Ares 22 being 270 m long by 60 m high, while the calculations made for the drawing is 280 m by 65 m.

Reviewing the material on The Last Warhulk p. 34 states that the Ares 22 was over 270 m long not that the hull was 260 m.

Does the drawing include the horizontal DC bulkheads, per p. 35, separating Decks 1 to 8 and Levels 1 through 5?

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