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Warhulk version 2

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Vladimir
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 95/100 - 6 comments - 171 Downloads

A second version with flatter, cleaner lines for those who are into aesthetics :-)

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Warhulk version 2

, rating: 95 January 24, 2018


Warhulk version 2

, rating: - January 24, 2018

I have made even more improvements. Marking locations of certain sections in the ship if they pass all the way through. Instead of me clogging the resource section, I would be happy to email anyone who wants the updates. Contact me at

Warhulk version 2

, rating: 95 January 24, 2018

I like the look!

Warhulk version 2

, rating: - January 25, 2018

Hello Vladimir,

Silly question time.

Are the areas designated for supplies the same thing as the GMG p. 151 Cargo Space?

If the storage ares tagged supplies are the same as cargo would the dimension provided below help or hinder your efforts?

According to GMG p. 151 the cargo space provides 24 m^3 of space and has the dimensions of 2m high x 3 m wide x 4 m in depth.

Warships pdf has the following:
Cargo Space storing 10 m^3 of material in a space 2 m high x 2m wide x 2.5 m deep.
Cargo Bay stores 50 m^3 in a 2.5 m high x 4 m wide x 5 m deep.
Cargo Hold stores 100 m^3 is 2.5 m high x 4 m wide x 10 m deep.

Warhulk version 2

, rating: - January 26, 2018

SonarTom, I am not sure. In the description of the WarHulk, the areas designated as supplies are where bulk goods are kept so robots can manufacture needed repair parts.

Warhulk version 2

, rating: - January 26, 2018

Hello again Vladimir,

A cargo space/bay/hold is used to store bulk goods so I'm thinking that the supply storage areas are the equivalent to the cargo space/bay/hold in GMG/Starships/Warships.

It Looks like the material I supplied is not going to help much with laying out the decks. At least I tried.

Oops, never mind per The Last Warhulk p. 34 the deck to overhead height is 2 m for primary and secondary passageways and 1 meter for tertiary passageways.

Thank you again for the drawing.

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