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Ares 22 Warhulk

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Vladimir
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 96/100 - 3 comments - 183 Downloads

I created a deck layout of the Ares 22 Warhulk on Vizio but converted to PDF for everyone to see/use. It shows my best interpretation of the shape based upon the diagrams in the covers of the "Last Warhulk" scenario book. I added elevators with directions of travel and tried to be as accurate as possible without being anal. There is a 'legend' on it, but I will repeat here, all measurements are in meters. All decks are 5 meters high, and I used the diagram to determine length (280m) not the description in the book (270m). I also added location of both landing decks.

view/download 17.8 Kb pdf

User comments [3]

Ares 22 Warhulk

, rating: 95 January 24, 2018

Awesome work. I ran this mod with my friends when it first came out. This would have been invaluable for reference. Thanks

Ares 22 Warhulk

, rating: 99 January 24, 2018

I with MindX on the work you did for the Warhulk.

Ares 22 Warhulk

, rating: 95 January 24, 2018

Looks great, Vlad

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