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Warships Worksheet 2017

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Taljinn
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 78/100 - 5 comments - 170 Downloads

Not sure where this beast started. Aazzen's warship design sheet or Apoc's, but I downloaded it forever and a half ago and have been slowly updating and changing things to fit my own campaign ever since. I've incorporated many of Cobalt Phoenix's amazing additions as well as some technologies from my own homebrew version of Star*Drive. The play sheet needs some updating still, because I don't really use it, and there is always something I'm adding or tweaking, but regardless here it is. Use it or not as you see fit.

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User comments [5]

Warships Worksheet 2017

, rating: 66 January 03, 2018

I need all the help I can get when trying to design a ship and from what I can see this looks good. To make sure I am using the worksheet correctly I would like to see an example or two that allows me make the correct entries. Thank you for the work.

Warships Worksheet 2017

, rating: - January 05, 2018

Can't open ots file

Warships Worksheet 2017

, rating: - January 20, 2018

Well, thanks for the nod to S*D New! Unfortunately, I can't seem to open the file. What program is it for?

Warships Worksheet 2017

, rating: - January 21, 2018

Hello CP,

Warships is based on the spreadsheet in Open Office Calc.

Warships Worksheet 2017

, rating: 90 January 21, 2018

Thanks Tom. Now it works.
Nice work, Taljinn. I happen to love Apoc's builder and I'm glad to see you used it as a basis. I always thought that layout worked better. I did have some problems, though, mostly with it not calculating the remaining hull and power space for hangers and misc systems.
Still, I love it the additions from S*D New! As a recommendation, I would shift the permanent quarters up from Misc to Support, just to keep them together.

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