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The Independence

Submitted by Martock on April 25, 2001
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: ?/100 - 2 comments - 1350 Downloads

This is my first ship with deck plans and so far she's held up quite nicely under fire. what you get here are 4 jpg files, level's 0-3, and the text file describing the ships stats. this ship was made according to the warships sourcebook and not that of the player's handbook. it will fit into any PL7/8 campaign and is a nice ship for a crew to start out with. this ship was made with VISIO2000 so if you have this, i can send you better copies of the ship. the transition to JPG isn't nearly as eye pleasing as the visio versions. the ship is modeled after a steamrunner class vessel from star trek. oh, in case you are wondering, the life pods are indeed police cruisers. Enjoy!

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User comments [2]

The Independence

, rating: - April 25, 2001

Note : you have to download the file to get the text file and jpegs..

The Independence

, rating: - April 25, 2001

Oops no, get the text file here. Since .txt files are normally not allowed for zips it didn't get added to the download version..

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